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age 14+

Discretion is advised. Recommended for teenagers and up.

A mixed bag of internet flash games produced by various indie developers. Some games are perfectly fine; others have cartoon violence which is generally harmless and tame, done mostly for laughs. Then there's games that contain blood and gore, and contain strong language that are targeted for adults. There is no rating system or warnings for the content of each game on the web pages, and this site generally has a zero tolerance for games with explicit sexual content. Substance abuse for drugs and alcohol is generally low, but I'm confident that there's some games which contain the subject matter to some comedic effect. As a result, it's a site that's best left for older children or teenagers to use. Many games that are featured or are sponsored by this company can be found on plenty of other websites too, so there's a chance that an appropriate game of interest can be found somewhere else more parental friendly.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing