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Educator and Parent Written byamlander January 6, 2015

I don't let my kids play this, and I'm pretty laid back

The games on here are absurd to be targeted toward kids. The women's bodies are depicted as very mature and the outfits are very revealing. There was one game about a night club and one about being a paparazzi taking pictures of someone on a yacht (scantily clad). Another one was about bombing a bridge. I cannot imagine a parent being okay with their kids getting sucked in to this. There are some okay games, but the fact that they are targeting kids - it's laughable.
Parent Written byclayanderson February 29, 2016

Mostly junk.

Our daughter (7) brought this link home from school the other day -- she had played some of the games during her computer lab. The site is not horrible, but it's also not entirely appropriate nor valuable. The games are mostly cheap and poorly-conceived. And several of the ones she tried were just not appropriate for her age: adding clothes to very shapely "dolls" in their underwear; or giving a full salon treatment to the character, with nails, hair, etc. Again, it's not that it was outright bad, but there was simply no value in it. Nothing educational, just consumerist fluff. There's so much good stuff out there, a site like this just isn't worth it.
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Too much sex
Too much consumerism
Educator and Parent Written byJhommez June 14, 2016

Too sexy

All dress up games have girls in underwear standing in alluring poses.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Parent Written byCoalhouse W. August 22, 2016

not bother

Friv is an appeal to the lowest common demoninator for kids. I have made a complaints to the school of my kids about it. As they were playing it at afterschool club. There is a nail polishing game and a plastic surgery game... What else??
Adult Written byGames F. August 13, 2016


Very happy
What other families should know
Too much sex
Adult Written bykendalj June 12, 2015


i was playing mario and it kept freasing up on me so before you put a game out make sure it dosent frease on you please :(