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The best thing to do for any nature lovers and amateur biologists.

I have been an user on since 2019, and I think is the very best way to increase your knowledge about any organisms, including animal, plant, bacteria, fungi, algae and all others. Many experienced naturalists and some professional researchers of museums can help you to know names of organisms you photographed. There are very few unfriendly users, and staffs and curators can solve problems fairly quickly when reported by flag or mentions. I have not encountered any sexual or violent contents on the website, so I believe it is very safe.
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Just a great site/app, Can add identifications to other people sightings, add observations, create projects, and helps you learn a lot about nature. You can engage with experts for identifications and help. There are people for everyone. Also good for privacy as you can obscure sightings if you do them at your home.

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