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Khan academy is horrible

It might be good for younger kids, but when you get to higher math like algebra 2, I have noticed instructors making errors in videos. Some videos are 3 minutes long, and khan academy doesn't bother making the instructor redo the video and will instead add an text box saying there was an error made. Very confusing and very unprofessional, it literally is a 3 minute video that they don't bother to redo. I have noticed many of these learning videos to have mistakes. As for the instructors teaching, they don't give a good explanation to what they are doing, and basically you are teaching yourself based off what they are showing you. If I could give khan academy a negative review, I definitely would. 0/5 would never recommend this website for any learning.
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This site is rubbish

My little daughter has been using Khan Academy for a year now and has not learned a single thing she now uses Prodigy and that helps her I certainly do not recomend using this site (I actually don't mean seven+ nobody should use this).
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I was stuck on a problem that made me think. I kept trying and finally gave up. Then it tells me the answers in a poorly explained way AND doesn't give me any tips. Don't bother.

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Too much consumerism
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Site is trash I hate khan academy

You should try other sites like brilliant or Kahoot! Who actually help with math just because bill gates says it good doesn’t mean it’s always good. Khan academy it teaches you math but it doesn’t get down to the core problem when you’re algebra on khan academy it’s kinda like you’re forced to memorize the math rather than explaining it in a new and exciting way ! Also for one the customer service is terrible !! I thought I had the question right instead they said what was the reason for you’re question rather than being nice about it they threw it in my face like it’s my fault I got the question wrong just don’t use this there are way way better sites than khan academy

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Great messages
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I'm in college Currently And Khan Academy has not helped Me a bit. I watched a video For 2 hours straight and never learned a thing. I do not recommend This for anyone.
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They will delete you question if they don't like it.

I took notice that the electronic course explains some circuits differently then I learned in college. And when I asked them about it somebody on here deleted my question. And now they won't even acknowledge me or my question anymore. I thought this was a good site, but after this course I don't really recommend this until they get their theory right.
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I am not really like Khan. For me, i recommend Beestar for all grades kids. I found out that foundation is the most important for my son. Beestar is doing a great job from it.Also it helped him so much with the experience and quickness in school. But Khan didnt which my child used Khan for more than one year.
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This website has many problems, first of all, if you get 1 answer wrong you have to complete the quiz and start all over again to get 100%. Also (as a math major) many of the common-sense applications of rounding and fractions used in intermediate to advanced math, are completely incorrect and need to be updated
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DO NOT force your kids into Khan Academy.

Khan Academy is absolutely terrible. Long, drawn-out videos, making you restart a 30-question test if you get a single answer wrong, etc. I much more recommend a math GAME that does not lead your children into boredom and depression such as Prodigy at

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Too much consumerism
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Is khan acdmey actually helping students no its not why well for starters when we answer question for units its dosent give us a second try that counts. How do you expect kids too learn when the system gives them questions they got on the frist try just wrong. Humans arent percet we dont need everthing 100% on assigments. Due to thease asigment it gives kid teenganera more strees anxiyet and makes them feel bad about themselfs. To the founder of this monstitys yes it might have work for the genartation back them but not for the gernation now. In thease days things that make us excting or what get us to rembere like a songs tha has math in it that kids like or a fun game having to with math. Aslo khan acdemy is boring the videos are when things are boring to kid it makes us slugish meaning we just want to get it over with so we dont have to deal with. Kana acemy has made me feel bad about myself iv cried and tried to leave it takes me problay even half a week to comple half a part in a unit or less. And when i try to leave and i come back it takes forever to do and i just eventyually give up. Khan acdemy need to try to change its ways atleast for every generation so that they can get the right math expernce . sits like delath math are better you might struggle at delath math but it counts points stills even if you have lot do agian and it gives you a second chance. progidy can help too sence its fun math game all im saying is KHAN ACDEMEY CHANGE NOW OR ELSE YOU WILL MAKE THE FUTUER BAD AND HORIBLE AND MAKE THE WORLD TOO FOCUSED ON PLEASEING YOU THAT THE WORLD WILL SUFFER.

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Educational value
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