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Parent Written byTam A. January 23, 2017


It is the worst website ever and does not teach your child a thing. It makes them frustrated and hate learning. One of the teachers at my daughters school stopped assigning it because her and the children hated it so much. On the practices if you get 1 wrong you have to start over again, and there are many flaws in the technology as well. Never use this site.

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Adult Written byyomotha October 20, 2015

This Sucks

This website makes you restart it is garbage i'm in college class and I have spent 2 hours and have learned nothing

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Adult Written bycooper a. January 26, 2018

needs a restart quiz

needs a restart quiz button
Adult Written bykhanacademy_sucks December 20, 2019

this site sucks

This site is the worst ive been doing this for a year now and still have not learned a thing it really doesnt help people get their grade up , no one on one help or anything. i would suggest going to a tutor or your teacher to get better help then this would ever give.

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Adult Written bycarolthecake December 12, 2015


This website is way better than IXL and I don't understand why in the world its rating is equivalent to that other excuse for a learning site.

Whenever I get a question wrong, I literally never get frustrated. I'm never afraid of getting the problem incorrect, because I know that an incorrect answer on this website leads to further improvement. It encourages me to persist in the skills I'm struggling on, and excel even further in the skills I'm proficient on. I have never encountered such a quality website, and I don't think I will ever encounter ANOTHER quality learning site like Khan Academy. It's special; it's way more worth it than a bag of diamonds.

I know that Khan Academy is in no way related to IXL, but lemme just say: way better than IXL! It includes quality, instructional videos that are easy to follow. I can't wait to see how much more I can accomplish! Khan Academy is the BEST <3
Adult Written byKyler Tilleli June 2, 2020


This website has many problems, first of all, if you get 1 answer wrong you have to complete the quiz and start all over again to get 100%. Also (as a math major) many of the common-sense applications of rounding and fractions used in intermediate to advanced math, are completely incorrect and need to be updated
Adult Written bywh1769 April 2, 2020

Least user friendly site I have ever tried to use.

I set up an account and somehow it flagged the account as a student and now I cannot delete it because you have to have a parent do that. So I used a different email to create a parent account just so I could delete both accounts. Linked to the first account and tried to delete- it would not let me. There was no tab to do so as was clearly shown in the help center of the web site. NO SUCH TAB EXISTED. So I attempted to delete the new (fake) parent account and guess what- YOU CANT DELETE THE PARENT ACCOUNT UNTIL YOU DELETE THE CHILD ACCOUNT!! WHAAAATTTTTTT???? Needless to say I now have 3-4 random accounts- all created in order to somehow delete the original account and I cant delete any of them. I mean, come on- how hard is it to just provide a freaking DELETE ACCOUNT tab???
Adult Written bytolkien geek mi March 13, 2014

So Effective!

I just finished high school and am starting college. I have used Khan Academy for everything from Bio to Econ to Calculus. The videos are so helpful. I learned integrals from Khan academy and sorted out the different kinds of cells. There's nothing that would make Khan Academy inappropriate for younger children, the videos just tend to focus on upper level subjects.

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Adult Written bySaker A. January 27, 2017

No 1 on 1 help.

this online study aid does not offer any type of face to face interaction or live video chat, which is something it should offer considering how many courses it covers and the large audience that it has worldwide. the videos on this site are thoroughly detailed, however if a student does not comprehend the material, then there is no one they can directly ask for personal help.
Adult Written bymait1 December 30, 2015

Everything is from a Math Geek point of view

I like the video learning concept, but it does not follow through. This is yet another failed attempt to educate by educators who fail to understand reality. I am an adult learner trying to study for a CLEP test for required college credits that have nothing to do with my major. I am horrible at math and I know this. I need help from a source that will provide the math content in an easy to understand real life way. This is not what Khan Academy does. It seems that Sal does try, but it is more about an advanced math geek teaching his lower level math geek child. The problem is most of the world is not made up of math geeks. This site would be a great resource if it was geared more for real life scenarios that everyone understands. I see Sal trying to do this a little bit, but it seems that he is struggling to relate to a world outside of math and failing. A major missed requirement in teaching is knowing your audience. This site desperately needs a more balanced instructor and lesson plans that enable students to learn math through real world situations. What they don't need is half-explained concepts that are starting from a point of what is a given concept for a math geek and not even on the radar for the rest of the population. Lastly, the section quizzes more often than not include content that was not even covered in the section and/or worded improperly. This is a complete teaching fail. I had such high hopes for Khan Academy, but it seems that it is much like the American educational system, just going through the motions without any care to accomplish the goal of learning.
Adult Written byrobe d. February 14, 2018

You're not going to find much better

I don't understand how people can complain about khan academy. Their videos are usually crystal clear and although may take extra time to explain concepts, they really hammer it home. I'm a 3rd year engineering student and I still use khanacademy. They have everything from basic mathematical concepts, to difficult organic chemistry, physics, and even some basic engineering. You're not going to find a better website, and frankly, if you're saying that khanacademy is too boring and annoying, then you're really not trying to learn.

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Adult Written byFamilyOf7 July 25, 2019

We love Khan Academy and Khan Academy Kids

We have enjoyed Khan Academy for almost 5 years
Parent Written byLori C. November 19, 2017

Good informative resource

Great option to use as a refresher for concepts. However, we found Beestar to be more useful in terms of helping kids learn concepts and apply them to questions. Also they have good reward systems and GT sections for kids that need more challenges.
Adult Written byNielsB November 25, 2012

Great for kids, good for students.

I think this website provides a great supplement to the education provided in schools, and might even replace it one day. For me as a university-student there are only a few subjects that are actually relevant, but the childish-badge system still works like a charm.

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Parent of a 6-year-old Written byGina Rau November 21, 2012

Khan Academy has been the right solution for our children

My son is highly gifted, particularly in the areas of math and Khan Academy has provided a learning opportunity for him that we couldn't find elsewhere. Since he was five years old he has explored new topics and learned at his own pace as he practiced his skills. Where schools drop the ball in challenging children who learn faster than others, Khan Academy provides a wonderful, well planned solution.

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Adult Written bysimonmbrooks November 22, 2011

The Ace of Academys

We have been using the Khan Academy to help explain things we cannot do well, or to supplement what we or our kids' school is doing. They have something for most ages from 4 up to adult, from easy to intense. Can't recommend it enough.
Parent of a 6-year-old Written bydhudlow March 20, 2011

Better off finding websites with interactive math games

Spent a few minutes on this site, the videos are pretty good. the very first video sold me quickly that these folks think about math and how to get right to the meat of presenting math...however, anything done on a computer should be interactive to get maximum educational value. They do have a software module as well, but it looked very basic from their youtube video.

Stlil gave 3 stars because their video library is quite good.
Adult Written bys944824 October 19, 2018

khan sucks horribly

i will put it this way i would rather learn sitting on a 200 foot pole in a lighting storm so don't use this website it literally sucks
Adult Written bymrwhippersnapper July 26, 2018


Their mission is admirable but their system is flawed and can unfairly mark you wrong for answers. Definitely do not rely on this for your classroom or learning, as it is not reliable.
Adult Written byKHANACADEMYHATER March 11, 2021

Khan Academy STINKS!

I'm actually 12 but I couldn't make a Kids account so I made an adult account.

Khan Academy sucks. Don't even bother to use it!

The videos are not helpful, you can even understand his high school level vocabulary and the videos are just a mess in general.
Don't even mention the actual practices. I struggle so bad on them and I have a PERFECT GPA. Because of Khan Academy, my grades are going down. It makes me HATE math even more.

And the help center? You can't even log in. A random article pops up of why you can't log in EVERY SINGLE TIME.

So don't even try.

Summarized version: Never try Khan Academy.