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khan academy is a WASTE of time. I'm SO BORED because even if you get 1 question wrong on a course challenge, you have to do the whole 30 questions again and get every question right. I literally am going insane! parents, if you want your kids to get super stressed and agitated, then definitely use khan academy.

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Easy to play/use
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Caused me way to much pain

had me crying for hours on the computer screen raging and crying, It will help with math but it's to advanced. As a kid I am forced to use this learning program and I have been using this for 3 years are so, it's been very unnificent for me and has lead me stress and crying for the past few years.
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basically all it does is give you a bunch of tests and if you dont pass then you do it again and again and again and again and now all my dad allows me to do is sit on the computer and do like 2 units of khan everyday. if you have used khan academy then you know that 2 units is worth a whole month. now i dont even get to go outside anymore, i just cry in my laptop because thats all i can do in my life now. plus, it doesnt help you learn, it just makes you depressed. i have talked to my parents about it, but they still make me do khan. you might think that i just dont like doing homework, and i dont, but i could do mathletics or anything other than khan VERY happily. When i do khan, i just feel depressed, and im not exaggerating. Please do not let your kids or students use this, use anything else BUT this. khan academy is just torture for people, it really sucks. never use it unless you want your kids to die. i just came home from my friends house hella happily, then my parents made me do more khan and now im depressed as heck please dont use this please please please please. the reason im always depressed is because of khan and you probably think its funny how im depresssed from a math website but im not exxagerating. this is how bad it is. all day long i sit in front of my laptop doing khan, and if i dont finish it and take 15 pages of notes then my parents shout at me and i would rather climb mount everest while holding 2 trucks and with no clothes than do khan please do not use khan im begging
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in 6th grade and up it sucks becuse the problems make me RAGE and i almost broke the schools computer becuse i had to do 1 assiment for 4 hours but it is free (IF YOU ARE A TEACHER OR A PARENT THINKING ABOUT GETTING THIS APP TO TO HELP TEACH YOUR STUDENTS OR KIDS STUFF YOU CAN GET IT BUT (IT DOSE NOT HELP) KIDS LEARN THIS APP PUTTS KIDS THROUGH A ENDLESS PATH OF SUFFERING) but get past all the pail stress and LIFE SHORTING STRESS that this app gives you it COULD help you teach

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Educational value
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age 8+

It sucks...

I have had to use Khan Academy since I was about eight years old. My experience with it has been terrible. The way they teach not only makes it boring, but extremely confusing. The assignments are really frustrating as well. If you get one answer wrong, you have to restart in order to Finnish the assignment. To add to this, the Khan academy videos are very confusing, long, and boring. The guy is constantly babbling about things that don't have anything to do with the subject. Please, believe me when I say this, DO NOT LET YOUR KID DO KHAN ACADEMY!!!!!
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Quite a bad app, if I do say so myself.

Aye, this app is terrible. It’s quite confusing in general, and it puts a lot of pressure on the child learning. Also, if you miss click and press something close to said number, and accidentally pressed go, then you’ll have to restart it all over again, which seems frustrating for many people, including me. I would suggest Prodigy instead, it’s also free, an entertaining math game, it gives you second chances unlike Khan Academy, and it’s currently adding more subjects like English.
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Parents and educators, leave Khan and don’t come back.

Speaking as someone forced to use this app, I can speak with maturity and a great deal of understanding of what this website does to the mental health of those who use it. Every time I get a question wrong, I have to restart. And every time I do, I want to explode. It fills me with rage that parents make their children do this. To think that this is considered educational is an outrage. I have nearly put a fist sized hole in my bedroom wall more times than I can count, clenched my jaw and fists so tightly I get cramps, and spent hours crying and feeling useless every time I answer a question wrong. If you use this monstrosity as a tool to help your kid ‘learn’, the only thing you will be teaching them is how to suffer silently and how to get creative on all the ways to conduct self harm. I know I have been educated in that way by this vile website. Speaking for all of you out there who are made to use it, ask your parents to read the bloody reviews and wonder whether or not this really is something they want. Know that for every time you miss a question, all of us who go through the same thing every day understand. I love you guys.
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Do NOT use!!!

Websites should make you like math more but khan academy make me like math less khan academy sucks khan academy is a khan Sal is super annoying never use and never tell anyone else to use it stop the spread of khan academy it’s a downright awful plague! Ban together and get rid of this garbage

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Too much violence
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
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Frustrating and confusing.

Throughout my 5 years of using this site, I can summarize it as frustrating and confusing. I find it hard to take notes on the lessons provided, due to the amount of context needed in the video. The quizzes aren't the same questions each time you retake the same one, and you void the test score if you look back on the steps to complete the problem. Overall, it's only useful as a homework/study help resource, not a full class.
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age 12+


It is awful the answers are wrong it is very hard I highly do not recommend this app at all
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