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This site is sooooooo BIAS. Articles are selected with progressive agenda. Spoon feed bias information to kids. If this was a balance platform it would be a good tool. Districts should not use it as a resource for teachers and students.
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Biased perspectives combined with weak differentiation and low quality quizzes

First, as a former teacher, I've worked with this type of presentation before--it really sounds great in theory -- kids have access to all kinds of interesting content, at their particular reading level, and quizzes are created by Newsela, again at an appropriate (often called "differentiated" level). Teachers can choose from a variety of interesting topics seemingly from reliable sources. The concept is truly awesome. However, the reality is a bit different. When switching between lexile levels for a variety of articles, I really found a difference in the quality of the presentation. Sometimes, just to change the lexile level, all Newsela did was remove a sentence or two, which awkwardly left out necessary explanation (they didn't rewrite it in a simpler way, as they could have done). More importantly, though, was that the quality of the quiz questions was quite impression on average was that about 3 out of 4 questions were decent enough, but not great, while often 1 question was just plain weak. If you're ok with all of that (and I can see why a teacher might be, because it reduces their workload, and teachers are often overworked and underpaid), there's the additional HUGE issue of the bias that's inherent in these articles. Newsela takes much of its current event content from left-leaning media outlets. This could really be ok, IF they presented both sides of an issue. They do not. Kids are led to believe that the Newsela article is the ONLY way to view a controversial topic. Let's not underestimate our kids--they would grow more as learners and as citizens if they analyzed both sides of a topic. Why not present both? I'm appalled that Newsela is actually getting away with this with young and impressionable kids. Parents, please read the articles and weigh in with your kids. Discuss what they're reading at school.
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Lets use some Common Sense

This site does rely on mainstream media. Yes, it can be left leaning, but lets keep that in perspective. The key part of any learning is how it is framed both in and outside of the classroom. Ultimately, the site does its job, it presents current and past events in a manner of which allows kids to read at their level.
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Total Garbage

This app is total garbage. The content mostly consists of social justice progressive agenda and the articles have subliminal bias. There is more opinion than fact that reminds me of reading a page out of a Soviet playbook. The propaganda involved is very heavy, especially in articles talking about social justice and politics. There are no other points of view, and it seems to me that they are trying to do opinion cleansing. I would recommend for this not to be read by impressionable children, otherwise they will be confused by fact and fiction. This trashy app preys upon the most vulnerable in our society that can easily be influenced and told what to think.

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Too much consumerism
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Not a good web

It doesnt allow cretian articles to be read by a certain person!!!!!!
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Good for education, the but it is biased. For kids, it should only have straight forward facts. All the adults reading this have had the privilege to form our opinions. I want our kids to be able to do the same
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Heavy leftist political bias, focus on ideology rather than knowledge

Error ridden, biased, articles my 4th grade daughter brought home caused me to question this source. I examined quite a bit of their content as well as the company website, especially the list of partners and content providers. There is a fairly severe progressive agenda at work here and I don't trust it. We want our children to lean how to think, not what to think.
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Great for differentiation! Super helpful tool.

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Educational value
Great messages
Easy to play/use
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Biased News

Liberal trash.
age 8+

With big reach, big responsibility comes

The company needs to make a better job writing articles with a neutral and factual tone. Not opinion indoctrination, one side version articles. No agendas. I will like to see more balance and objective content. Thanks