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With big reach, big responsibility comes

The company needs to make a better job writing articles with a neutral and factual tone. Not opinion indoctrination, one side version articles. No agendas. I will like to see more balance and objective content. Thanks
age 10+

Lets use some Common Sense

This site does rely on mainstream media. Yes, it can be left leaning, but lets keep that in perspective. The key part of any learning is how it is framed both in and outside of the classroom. Ultimately, the site does its job, it presents current and past events in a manner of which allows kids to read at their level.
age 6+


This site is sooooooo BIAS. Articles are selected with progressive agenda. Spoon feed bias information to kids. If this was a balance platform it would be a good tool. Districts should not use it as a resource for teachers and students.
age 2+


It sadly is bad and democrat. It copies and pastes from Washing post and CNN and CNN10 for kids. It overreacts everything. Also why talk and praise in an article a random kid who is 9 years old who is famous for something so great and good. Why is it that some random kid is like "OOH DAT NEEDZ SUM FIXIN UP OR WE DIE." It is weird that kids stand up to do dangerous things. Leave that to the parents who help 10 times more than kids help. Adults are already being so more productive than kids and they have helped solve worldly problems more also. Kids just need to live normally and have a fun wholesome childhood and to enjoy it while they can. Also a lot of teachers I know are democratic and democrats don't get the point of it sometimes. No offense. Just if you want some proof watch the Dan Bongino Show and you will get everything.
age 18+

Total Garbage

This app is total garbage. The content mostly consists of social justice progressive agenda and the articles have subliminal bias. There is more opinion than fact that reminds me of reading a page out of a Soviet playbook. The propaganda involved is very heavy, especially in articles talking about social justice and politics. There are no other points of view, and it seems to me that they are trying to do opinion cleansing. I would recommend for this not to be read by impressionable children, otherwise they will be confused by fact and fiction. This trashy app preys upon the most vulnerable in our society that can easily be influenced and told what to think.

This title has:

Too much consumerism
age 18+

Biased and one sided!

I have taught kindergarten 14 years, 4th grade 2 years and 7th grade 1 year. I substitute teach. Teacher and Parents please wake-up. Why would you let biassed publication be in schools. Every liberal teacher will assign this. Look how they talk about Trump, picture him and write false views about him. Is he perfect no. They have never been honorable to presidents if they are repbulicans - until the are out of office and decided to join the democrats like Bush did with Obama. I just can't stand this publication. Don't order it if you have a conservative bone in your body.
age 9+

Excellent access for young researchers!

This resource makes it possible for younger readers to access articles at the reading level that is comfortable for their understanding. Finally a way for upper elementary aged students to get research within their comprehension reach! Articles are sourced from published journalists and allow students to read about current events in the news, and most importantly to search for articles connected to personal interests such as animals, space, and more!
age 18+

Biased indoctrination

These articles should NOT be a part of students school life. Many lean left, for example “13 year old inspiring democratic speech” “gender equality” etc. It goes on and on. I couldn’t find a positive Right leaning article. It is not our schools or teacher job to influence our children in this way. Our taxes should not be paying for this!!
age 10+

Liberal Indoctrination

This is left indoctrination at its finest. The opinion pieces are extremely bias and omit facts to try and steer the thinking of whoever is reading it. I would not recommend it to kids based on this fact alone.
age 18+

Newsela: Liberals Love it!

As a high school teacher, I have noticed that Newsela shows the same hatefulness toward our president as the mainstream media and it sickens me. Their liberal bias is evident in EVERY article that has anything to do with politics. Liberal teachers love it because it furthers their own agenda, but I won't assign anything from Newsela again.