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I humbly wish to take your puppy patrol and their lives and your ice cream on the dick

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
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Black Sunshine?

I dislike your recent commercials. “Black Sunshine?” How are you teaching equality when there are specific messages made for one race? What does that do for my child’s self-image when he looks in the mirror and sees a different skin color; one not given special attention to? I’m not sure that singling out to value of this one skin color teaches anything. If anything it draws attention to differences that my child would have never asked about as he is innocent and loving toward all, no matter the shade of skin. Why not preach a love of all? Why focus your teachings of self-love and empowerment in the way that you have? I have nothing but questions at this point.
age 2+

Blues clues and you

It's ruined it was fine the way it was. Fine change the guy out but they changed blues gender. Blue was originally an boy not a girl
age 7+ website

This title has:

Too much consumerism
age 4+


Season 1 episode 14 of blues clues and you is wrong! Pluto is no longer a planet and I dont feel they need to be teaching kids that it is still there!
age 3+

It has too many replayed episodes!!

I know Nick Jr is a great channel to show your kids shows and learning but when I was watching with my baby brother, I realised that over the past month or so, they played the same cycle of top wing episodes and the same cycle of every show, and it's pissing me off! I live in southeast Asia and I think they are being dingy about the cycle of the episodes because of covid-19 quarantine. Anyway this is just not the suitable way of making money in the country, by just replaying episodes and ads. Sometimes their not even replaying episodes but they broadcast older episodes from paw patrol that everyone already watched and are already known. And what's also triggering me is that they haven't introduced any new shows yet since november, when Joshua Dela cruz starred in blues clues. they also haven't broadcasted shows that are in other countries like yo Gabba Gabba and octonauts and a bunch of other stuff. Idk about this opinion and I shouldn't even be on this website, lm 13.

This title has:

Too much consumerism
age 2+

It’s ok

The new blues clues I didn’t like at first with josh. They showed one episode that is the same as when Steve was on there Steve had to buy a new crayon josh had to buy a new crayon from the present store. To me the new blues clues is just so different from my childhood that I thought it was no good with josh but my daughter said he is funny and she likes him so I have to put my own feelings aside and like it for her. I still don’t think it’s as good as with Steve though. But it still sends the right message for kids.

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Great messages
age 2+

Nickjr went from fabulous to disappointing

Nick Juniors lineup used to be fabulous it's hot my oldest grandchild so much there was so much math and words and learning basic learning not just social things. Now it's all about social expectations and political correctness etc there's hardly any shows that deal with the alphabet or numbers and they don't show them very much. Team Umizoomi and wallykazam.. I'm still fond Max and Ruby. frankly I liked it better when max didn't talk.... Love Peppa pig hate that you changed your voice in her mother's voice hate that you've added songs to every single episode when they weren't necessary before you've gone back and changed everything. Rainbow rangers is the most ridiculous show I've ever seen. Quite frankly it's boring it's ridiculous is unbelievable.... Corn and peg is ridiculous my four-year-old grandchild thinks it's really stupid and she begs for team Umizoomi all the time and not only do you not play it you don't even have it on Demandour children don't need to learn your opinions on political correctness and the Earth what they need to know is there alphabet in math I don't mind some social teachings they have I get back to what you were doing which is teaching little children the alphabet inside trying to brainwash him and just some kind of PC this is ridiculous.. I actually just upgraded my cable so we could have Nick Junior and I can't believe I'm paying extra money for it....there's plenty of times to screw up the kids with PC you don't have to do it when are 2 3 and 4
age 2+

I don't think they showing enough boy commercial

All you all show is girl commercials and cartoons what about boys
age 17+

Loud house

In the loud house there was in for a version where the Spanish little girl and the Spanish guy had to move back in with the Spanish family I wish that there was a loud house Spanish version of that with all that Spanish family with the bodega would be great it's not a bad review I just I