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Parent of a 6 year old Written bymadsmooney1214 July 9, 2012

oh noah

Learn more about why using websites like Oh Noah! is an important complement to more traditional forms of education. Read Common Sense Media's Making the Case for Teaching with New Media.
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Parent Written byCymara23 May 25, 2012

Best Spanish teaching tool ever!

I thought it was great, my family is Spanish and my daughter visits with her grandmother that only speaks Spanish so she can relate to this show they don't understand each other, my daughter doesn't want to learn Spanish everytime I teach her she gets bored and annoyed, so when she saw this show she thought it was super funny, and she knew a lot of words even though she doesn't want to speak it. I think this show is great because it can help me out with her trying to learn in a fun way. way better then Dora! They actually use Spanish correctly in sentences and words correctly which I love! My daughter loves this show now! She laughs so hard and she's learning at the same time which is a bonus for me! Definetly recommend 10 stars!
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Adult Written byjomu7931 September 16, 2015

Oh Noah! Lost and Found Game This game is suitable for students in grades 3rd-6th Grade (8-11 years old). The game features the learning of a foreign language, specifically Spanish. Through Noah and his thrilling adventure through his neighborhood, the student learns the value of Spanish and the practical vocabulary needed to thrive in a Spanish speaking culture. They will learn the Spanish vocabulary for food, beverages, and common neighborhood items, as they try to help Noah find the objects his Spanish speaking friend assigns to him. The student will be able to interact and enjoy themselves, as they truly control Noah and move him around the vast neighborhood. As the student finds the items, they are able to unlock other community events and other neighbors that need their help. The students are rewarded with a new game experience, but at the same time, they are forced to learn brand new practical vocabulary words, essential to advancing to other levels. I recommend that teachers incorporate this game within their Spanish curriculum for 3rd grade to 6th grade students, to enforce the comprehension of vocabulary words in a fun and unique manner. When the teacher is covering various domestic Spanish vocabulary words, it would be very valuable for the teacher to let the students not only learn the words, but learn the value in the practical use of them. This game can truly show them the dire importance of learning Spanish, despite being in an English speaking geographic zone. The game also conforms to the Colorado Department of Education’s academic standards, in that it teaches World Languages. The Colorado World Languages Academic Standards states that students must learn a World Language and gain cultural insights of that language in order to be successful in a global community. Students will glean interpersonal skills using the Spanish language while playing this game, which is vital to achieving the Academic Standards. While this game is educational, the teacher has to provide guidance and explanation to the student of certain scenarios and Spanish vocabulary words.
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