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age 18+

Only opinions with no facts

A left leaning fact checking website that has caught itself in some hot water with Facebook for trying to push off left leaning opinions as fact. They went on a horrid campaign of spreading misinformation, endorsoring it, and silencing any facts that made the left look bad. Don't use nor trust this site for anything past a quick laugh.

This title has:

Too much consumerism
age 15+

Meticulous and thorough

As an educator, PolitiFact helps sift through the rhetoric of public officials and cut straight to verifiable facts and information. The purported one-sided bias and alleged reporting of false information are unverified. There is nothing to worry about here in regards to biased reporting as PolitiFact covers a wide range of public figures from both sides of the aisle. Comparisons will find members of both sides of the aisle are evaluated with the same frequency, with an occasional lean towards evaluating more statements from the right (metaphorical scales here would give the right a few more drops in the bucket, but not much more). Complexity and interest are the only age gates here.
age 18+

Don't Bother

This website is absolutely NOT neutral. It's not only one-sided, but it has posted quite a few proven lies (and they never corrected it). Don't send your kids there. Instead, tell them to never believe anything on the internet blindly and to always check multiple sources on a story before even considering it to be true.