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Adult Written byeruditethewise October 21, 2015


This website allows greatly improved studying!!! It is free and definitely worth your time.
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Adult Written bytylerc January 11, 2015

Lacks the ability to rate sets

In concept it's great, however there is no quality control. People can post anything they want and since you do not have the ability to rate, the door for misinformation is wide open. I would caution users that it should be used for entertainment only and not to rely on the accuracy of the information.
Adult Written bynn.ly31 March 29, 2016

Quizlet is the best

I'm a college student and Quizlet is the coolest thing ever. I'm creating Micro-econ flash cards for my upcoming test and I didn't even have to retrieve a graph for Total Utility from google images or something like that, as soon as I typed in "Total Utility Graph" Quizlet provided one for me right then and there. How cool is that?
Adult Written byInginator March 12, 2015

Quizlet is great for studying

If you ever need to study for something, just either join your teacher's quizlet class or add the terms yourself, and use the learn option. You should be able to retain the information after doing that activity 2 -3 times. It is even helpful if you forget to study for something smaller, you can cram right before the test/quiz with your Quizlet mobile app. (I'll admit, I've done that a few times.) It's a great service!
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Educator and Parent Written byMsNulty February 12, 2014

Quizlet for students

Quizlet is a great app for finding ways to study new content. So far, my class has used Quizlet for their weekly vocabulary words during word study. They are able to quiz themselves in a variety of ways that help them practice and retain new information. I can already see that there could be many different areas in which this tool might help in addition to vocabulary. I recommend this app for studying purposes, but I do caution that this will not teach new content. You need to enter the content yourself in a "study set." Overall, I think this is a great way for students to practice with what they are learning.
Parent Written bysarahg1 February 18, 2015

Very easy to add vocabulary and then do revision tests

I would recommend making your own "folders" of information to ensure they are suited to your needs and are accurate ... but then you can easily test yourself and hear pronunciation of foreign words too ... I have entered a lot of German vocabulary for my daughter and find myself learning loads too - and I enjoy the games testing me on stuff. Great help.
Educator Written byTaylor U. October 12, 2016

Great Study Tool

Quizlet allows students to create their own vocabulary lists to study and review terms independently. In doing so, the students are held accountable for inputting the correct information. They are also able to search different lists that others have uploaded. This requires parent supervision, as some lists can be inappropriate. Used appropriately, Quizlet is a very beneficial resource for studying. The application is user friendly. Teachers are able to upload class lists and sets of flashcards for the students to search. Using this method allows for the information inputted by the teacher to be exactly what the students should know and be studying. On a phone, or tablet, the application allows for the students to choose from four different options. They are Cards, Learn, Match, and Test. These different options allow for the students to choose which method appeals to them and helps them to be the most successful. Cards gives the definition and the student can use them just like a flash card. Rather than flipping over the card, the student taps on the card for the word to appear on the screen. The student can also set it up to show the word first, and then the definition. The student can press a speaking feature to hear the words read aloud. This is great for struggling readers. Headphones are good to have if multiple students are trying to use Quizlet at the same time in the same setting. There is also a star that the student can select to express difficulty with the word. In Learn, the student is provided the definition. They are then required to type in the word they think is the correct answer. A dot will turn green if it is correct, and red if it is incorrect. When red, the correct word will appear on the screen. It will then lay out for the student how many words he or she didn’t know, how many words he or she learned, and how many words he or she mastered. Match is just like using flashcards, but you lay them all out. On Quizlet, each of the cards are on the screen. The student is required to match the word with the correct definition. There is a timer that adds seconds each time the student makes a mistake. The last option the student can do is Test. This option allows the student to answer written, multiple choice, or true/false questions. Using Quizlet on a desktop allows for even more choices for the students to select. The Help Center on the website is an incredible tool to help you with any problem or question that may arise while using Quizlet. A drawback is that teachers must create their class lists on the website to ensure that they are uploaded correctly. The application on your phone, or tablet, does not always allow for class lists to be created or edited. There is instant feedback provided to the students that allows you to see which words need to be further studied and/or retaught. If upgraded to Quizlet Teacher, which is not free, teachers have access to which students studied, and how they performed on the activities with each word. This allows for the teacher to prepare what to focus on during further instruction. Overall, this is a great, user-friendly study tool for students.
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