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Graphical application gives kids a taste of programming.
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Parent of an infant, 1, 4, 5, 7, and 8 year old Written bysilverstream August 6, 2015

Oversensitive Scratch Team

I wish I was still on Scratch, but they IP banned me for no reason. The scratch team is just too oversensitive. Really, they just ban everybody and their networks for no reason. Seriously, if I had to do a thing, I wouldn't go on that kid's site because they love to IP ban everybody.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written bymistahme August 13, 2013

Wish I had had this as a kid!

I'm a programmer myself, and when I saw this on TED I was blown away, since giving it to my 12 and 13 year old boys I've been blown away with what they've been able to make with and without my assistance. Beware: If you let them your kids will spend hours playing other peoples games, and potentially become 'code copiers'. Keep an eye on what they're doing, ask them what variables mean what, and make sure they're ACTUALLY programming!
Adult Written bynineeleven F. January 16, 2018

Scratch Is not a good website

Scratch is terribly biased towards certain parts of their community. These parts contain graphic display of sexual fetishes and are created by underaged kids

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Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byPizza G. June 5, 2017

Compatible user interface helps teach young kids coding

Scratch is engaging and intuitive. It encourages creativity, teaches programming skills, and serves as a platform for game making, graphic design and animation. To top it all off, it can be easily learned and used by young children.
Parent of a 5, 10, and 18+ year old Written byBolleyball April 30, 2014

Very good!

My 10 yr old is on this site all the time.

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Positive Messages
Parent Written bynehcdet September 19, 2014

Fun Website!

Scratch is an awesome and fun programming website!!! I've been using it for only about 2 months with the username flexaxu I'm obsessed with it! There are so many nice scratchers there!!! Sometimes, just sometimes, there will be inappropriate messages, but you can just easily click the report button. Everything is awesome on Scratch!

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Adult Written byDaniel L. December 13, 2016


Okay, Scratch is very good! Easy coding.
Adult Written bytonks228 March 11, 2015


it is a little hard at first but you get used to it, it's free which is very good

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Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byIHeartGaming September 2, 2011

Scratch is awesome!

Like Starwarsguy said, anything bad for kids you can flag. Then it gets removed. Scratch is awesome!

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Educational Value
Positive Messages
Parent of a 7 and 11 year old Written byMaghda April 12, 2014

Scratch is amazing.

My 10 year old daughter found Scratch and told me she wanted to play it. Since I trust her, I told her yes. Then she started figuring out Scratch and even saw this amazing project called "Flow OS". She loved that project she made a remix of it. She is now making some of the best projects in Scratch, and amazes me. Thank you Scratch for being kid friendly!

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Parent of a 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18+ year old Written byFIAB December 5, 2012

Okay Site

Okay site. It's pretty fun,but I and my kids did get a little bit bored after a while :)
Adult Written byBob the fries August 4, 2018

Why block Fnaf?

The scratch website is a fun nd interactive game sharing social media type website. There is millions of free, interactive games with just a click of a button, plus hours of kid-made kid-friendly animations. But I am upset to find they have blocked fnaf searches and as a kid, having a fnaf game you spent hours, days, and months on, taken down and erased, must be devastating! Also, the community is welcoming and kind to scratchers of new and old. Also it’s all free. Just create a FREE account and then you or your kid can explore coding at a new height. Also please note, until January 2019, it needs adobe flash. So unfortunately, until then, you need a computer. Also, if you are a teacher, you can have a teacher acount and here scratch students send you virtual homework, that is much more fun to make than just writing down a autobiography of benjamin Franklin or something. I recommend it to you and your child as soon as he can use a laptop! But as always, do not share personal info, just like any website. .

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Adult Written byYamuna R. November 8, 2017

Great tool to teach computer programming

It is a wonderful tool for educators and caregivers who wants to introduce their kids to or develop their kids skill in coding or computer programming. Adult guidance required when using the community studio to share work. It can be seen by all members and anyone post comments.
Parent of a 11 year old Written byKEIRA P. October 19, 2017

Educational and fun!

Scratch is interesting, and educational.

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