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Adult Written byMolly1954 July 19, 2019

Great set up for pedophiles and bullies

My child was bullied by a classmate making mean comments. She told us about this after the bully told her to kill herself. The site ends up being used more like a chat room with strangers from all over the world. You have no idea who your child may be talking to and there is no way to control who has contact with your child. Perfect for pedophiles. I have blocked this site on all computers and sent many appeals to the school system where we live not to use scratch for coding, but they just say it's great (it's free). The school where my daughter goes didn't even suspend the child who told my daughter to kill herself. The only help scratch offers is to report a problem and they may or may not ban a user. This is a potentially dangerous site for children and preteens.
Written byAnonymous August 5, 2020

good in early 2000's but not anymore

I grew up using this site in the early 2000's when it peaked with a fairly decent community. The Scratch application (v. 1.4) was pretty decent in teaching programming logic and has definitely helped me later on with real programming languages.

The project editor, however has gone downhill with each edition. 2.0 was completely rewritten in another programming language (from Squeak to adobe flash), a still standing language while flash was being discontinued, resulting in the editor losing dependencies and glitching. The editor was then rewritten again as 3.0 in a rush, providing a very glitchy editor being released.

Problems with the website (social media) is the focus is no longer on programming and the demographic is now exclusively young children. This is based on the way the site treats its users and what is considered appropriate content, even though it currently states "8 to 16"(children are a lot smarter than that, look at the original fairy tales and older shows that weren't dumbed down in history) . Scratch used to be for everyone and had a diverse age range including teenagers, young adults and teachers.

The site now focuses on politics which has unavoidably drawn in a more politically focused and very toxic crowd onto the site. This new community arguably misinterprets your project content on purpose to attack you through disgusting accusations. This is different to actual constructive criticism and I'll share some of my personal experience:

- Dress-up games / character creators that used to be safe a few years back? nope. That's "inappropriate now" even though it's completely innocent.
- Goofy cartoon animals doing cartoonishly silly things? Nope. I was accused of promoting real life animal violence and the project was remixed with blood and gore.
- Pretty much any joke? Expect a user/stranger to assume you're personally attacking them.

You can't do anything without someone picking on you on this site. Artists who have tried to handle art theft appropriately by attempting to solve the problem through talking are unfairly punished while it's okay for other artists to make a project ranting about it and inevitably starting witch-hunts. So in terms of social media, I do not recommend Scratch. It is not a "safe space".

If you insist on using the Scratch project editor to learn programming, I recommend using 1.4 or 2.0 privately. However, I recommend Bluej as a better alternative because you're also learning a real programming language that's still dominantly used today: Java. (link: )

If you were using Scratch for animation:
- Blender 2.8 Grease Pencil
- Wick Editor
- Firealpaca (also for art)
- Pencil2D
Adult Written byBob the fries August 4, 2018

Why block Fnaf?

The scratch website is a fun nd interactive game sharing social media type website. There is millions of free, interactive games with just a click of a button, plus hours of kid-made kid-friendly animations. But I am upset to find they have blocked fnaf searches and as a kid, having a fnaf game you spent hours, days, and months on, taken down and erased, must be devastating! Also, the community is welcoming and kind to scratchers of new and old. Also it’s all free. Just create a FREE account and then you or your kid can explore coding at a new height. Also please note, until January 2019, it needs adobe flash. So unfortunately, until then, you need a computer. Also, if you are a teacher, you can have a teacher acount and here scratch students send you virtual homework, that is much more fun to make than just writing down a autobiography of benjamin Franklin or something. I recommend it to you and your child as soon as he can use a laptop! But as always, do not share personal info, just like any website.


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Parent Written bynehcdet September 19, 2014

Fun Website!

Scratch is an awesome and fun programming website!!!
I've been using it for only about 2 months with the username flexaxu
I'm obsessed with it! There are so many nice scratchers there!!!
Sometimes, just sometimes, there will be inappropriate messages, but you can just easily click the report button. Everything is awesome on Scratch!

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Written byAnonymous January 10, 2021

Bullies can get on this website...

They really need to update the expert review and warn parents that there can be bullies here. Like the infamous Rebecca sparks who attacks other users, disrespects opinions, and is telling users to die. Please be careful.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written by-_Skratchy_- October 5, 2020

Almost, but not quite a social media

Scratch is a website where anyone can post creations they make with drag and drop coding and share it with others.
I don't see anything wrong with Scratch ('most' of the community has good intentions, I got banned for just saying heck, and is highly moderated - anything not appropriate gets reported instantly)

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Parent of a 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18+-year-old Written byFIAB December 5, 2012

Okay Site

Okay site. It's pretty fun,but I and my kids did get a little bit bored after a while :)
Adult Written byBruhLOLxd January 27, 2021

AWFUL moderators

Ok, I have a bit of a long story so buckle in.

I really like the way the coding works. Coming from the point of view of someone who has basically no experience with code, it works pretty well. The tools are easy to learn and I'm a bit better at coding now.

The scratch moderator team sucks. Let me tell you my story on this website.

I started a religion as a joke. It was called "Clickstianity" and it was really funny. I was very clear that I was not discriminating against other religions, I was very nice to literally everyone, and I got permanently banned.

First, my original animation about the religion was taken down automatically because people mass-reported it. They said they would put it under review and that it should be back up soon. It never came back up. I made a new animation, same thing happened. The newest one I made did not actually taken down, which was good because I spent a lot of time on it. One user, was overly christian and was harassing me about my religion calling it "fake" and a "cult". I told someone else about this through scratch and was banned for a week for "spreading rumors". I waited out my week ban and got back. I made some more projects and eventually got 100 followers. There were always people who would be toxic and hate on me, but I dealt with it. A few days later I was banned AGAIN for "spreading rumors". Whenever you get banned, it shows an example of the message that got you banned. I got banned for the same message that I already got banned for! I wrote an appeal, it only took them a few days to respond. Their response:
Hi there,

The Scratch website is a website that serves as an educational resource for children and their parents, teachers and their students, and people new to programming to learn about programming skills. But when we see users who have been blocked and notified so many times, we start thinking that they're not really interested in Scratch anymore, and we can no longer trust them.

Based on your past history on the Scratch website, we don't think you'll be able to follow our Community Guidelines. Your account(s) will not be unblocked. Please do not use or make any Scratch accounts.

Why??? They then proceeded to IP ban me, and any of my fans who were associated with the religion.
Adult Written byAaronSpeedy October 22, 2020 Review

So, Scratch is um...
Scratch is not a very good site. From what I see, they teach you wrong concepts. Programming in Itself is not dragging blocks and making an orange cat say "Hello world". There is "Visual Programming", but that is messy and It's hard to get around. I mean, common. This doesn't even have functions(I might be wrong). This is not a good site to learn, and will be in no use. I would suggest learning Python. It has an easy Syntax, and It will help students start there path toward data science careers, or any other programming career. I learned Python, and now I use it all the time for personal projects. I use C for work. It really helped kick start my career, and I want the same for everyone who is willing to work hard. Scratch is not going to help you, It didn't help me.
Adult Written bypersonwholovesmovies June 7, 2020

It’s ok

It’s fun. It gets really easy though.

Language: 2/10- there may be some swear words around
Violence: 3/10- some talk of violence and blood
❤️: 4/10- talk of boyfriends, kissing, and some other stuff that is not appropriate
Safety concerns: 4/19- people get hacked. (Rare)

Otherwise, it’s a great website. People are getting blocked for no reasons though. It teaches kids AND adults the basics of coding.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byDaniel L. December 13, 2016


Okay, Scratch is very good! Easy coding.
Adult Written byKillScratchCat June 12, 2021

I hate scratch

Scratch allows all of this Gay and lesbian stuff. I have no problem with letting people know about it. WHEN THEY'RE OLDER. lots of accounts are getting banned including mine. feel that it's not okay. SO screw scratch and what they stand for.

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Adult Written byMaddad003 May 21, 2021

VERY Inappropriate

Well, I caught my son using it, I was very mad because it had too many Inappropriate things, such as swearing, talking bad about us parents, and interacting with online people.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Privacy & Safety
Parent of a 5, 7, and 18+-year-old Written byKingmaner April 2, 2021


So, basically, it’s great.
I’m a scratcher, and I’ve been muted 4 times.
It’s better when you break the CG.

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Adult Written byJohn Leo March 23, 2021

its just horrible

scratch, is the worst website ive ever seen, and ive seen some that deserve to be in heck (for all you yougins)
almost every comment gets you muted
the community guidelines are trash and undescriptive
even when you follow them, it tells you you're muted for a "reason"
the scratch team doesn't pay attention and deletes comments trying to tell them to ban bad people and fix their system to try to cover it up.
the bot is horrible
they ban you randomly
they mute you for saying hi to people and ok because they think you are spamming
the filter is stupid
and the coding is laggy and even if you have good connection its bad.
the sprites get pixelated HARD
and it mutes you for hours and has ridiculous punishment for random people saying "hi'" and giving people REGULAR LINKS to things like youtube and they take lighthearted fun as serious as heck.
if you use this, it should only be for school.
my youngest son got minor depression and he was fine before this
and my daughter yells and has anger issues
you should never use this website
Adult Written byCarrieB123 January 6, 2021

Unsafe Space for Kids without Parent Supervision

Coding is great but this is basically an unsupervised chat room for your kid to interact with strangers of all ages. My 8 year old loves Scratch and wanted the ability to collaborate with school friends on projects and comment on their work. There is no option to communicate with just people you know. You either share your project with the full community or allow no commenting at all (as far as I can tell). My daughter created a project inviting others to collaborate and the first taker contributed a video using a sexually explicit song that somehow made it past the "CleanSpeak" profanity filter. I'm guessing the filter is not used on music and it is up to the community of kids to flag music that is explicit. I flagged the content, never heard back, and the content was not removed. Flagged it again several weeks later. Also started looking at content created by the community (and that contributor) and decided the themes were too mature for my child. Also wondering how this site complies with kid's online safety and privacy laws as there is a lot of personal information being shared in comments (new "friends" getting kids to follow them on other social media accounts). The coding piece is amazing. MIT needs to invest in better tools to keep kids safe.

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Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written bygfhdgfhdgfdhgdh November 16, 2020

Its sooo easy to code

Its for 7 year olds. Do you seriously expect them to be able to code in JS either?! Also thats why there is tutorials and stuff like that so you can view good code and go on youtube to watch tutorials! It's soooo stupid that your saying "its too hard for young kids" its easy. Just ask for help scratch community is good like that
Adult Written byAWinty November 11, 2020

Content is inappropriate for kids

Do you want teen and adult stranger (from all over the world) sharing their personal opinions about religion, anti-religion, sexuality and sexual expression with your kids?
Then don’t give your child unsupervised access to Scratch.
Under the guise of programming, anyone can express any of the aforementioned topics through animation and art.
This created a highly inappropriate environment for my kids. It is not safe to use unsupervised.

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Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byMyhouse2345 October 6, 2020

Great Platform for Everything

This is one of the best platforms. Coding, comments and the forums. The forums is the best place for thinking and creativity.

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Written byAnonymous April 16, 2020

Love It!

Great for kids 8+! It's a wonderful program that let's people of all ages explore the world of programming and make online friends! It also lets you create and join studios which allow you to post projects that you have made with people that share similar interests. The only things you need to put in to make an account are: a username that you create, your birthday, what country you live in, your email address, and your gender (scratch welcomes people of all genders and you have the option not to say) It's a wonderful program that allows kids to explore coding and managing an online profile

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