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Kid, 10 years old April 28, 2010

Youtube for Kids!

I love scratch- I've been doing it for a year and a half now on my account, MagicRabbit. It's a perfectly fine website as long as kids have discipline. Kids can pretty much type whatever they want, but swear words and crap are filtered out. (Most kids get past it by spelling it with symbols replacing some letters- e.g.: [email protected]) As for projects, (basically the games, pictures, and animations) you still can post any content but other users WILL flag it if the Scratch Team doesn't get to it first. It's a lot like a YouTube for kids designed by M.I.T! You can 'love it' and 'favorite' a project as well as add tabs to categorize it. You also can add friends to your friends list (basically the 'subscription' button on youtube) Hop online and go there!

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Kid, 11 years old July 13, 2016

Fine. Just don't talk to people.

Jeez. I don't understand this website anymore. They take everything SUPER serious, and you can get banned for the dumbest reasons. The coding stuff is amazing and it works really well, just don't go talking to people. They may seem all nice and whatever, but when you think that their cool, your fighting, and then your banned. It's happened to me and a friend because of this one guy on the website. The scratch team wants everything 100% perfect. Or you go. "Oh no! This guy forgot to credit the guy who made the music in the project! Let's BAN HIM." Scratch team wants to make me pull my hair out, and cry. Congrats scratch. You ruined a nice coding program by brainwashing an entire community, so everything can be nice. Nice for you horrible people running the site at least. Also they watch your profile like a hawk. Be careful. They scare me.

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Privacy & Safety
Kid, 11 years old March 11, 2018

The website is addicting, I guess, but can get stupid.

Kids can program/code on Scratch, and I guess they might like that. But the website doesn't teach you how to code, which is stupid. People can create accounts and follow, comment, and love and/or favorite projects. So basically it's a social media. And if you don't want your kids on a social media, then don't sign them up (or don't let them sign up) for Scratch.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byEarlv March 28, 2016

Decent, easy coding site; stay away from the online community

I'm just going to say that this site is run by a group of stubborn, immature, over sensitive adults that have gotten too carried away with the strict rules of the site as it's become more popular. I suggest using this site as a fun, relaxing programming tool and a programming tool only. Don't get sucked into the online community, trust me. Everyone on the site may seem really nice and welcoming, but don't let them brainwash you like they've done to so many users. The Scratch Team basically brainwashes people into goody-two-shoes, rule-obsessed zombies. These people practically act as the ST's slaves as they go on Scratch for 20 hours a day without coding a single block. They desperately try to be nice and helpful, but most people overdo it, and they come off as desperate. Many people get so desperate for attention that they cause immature and unnecessary drama. The only way to make it is if you become one of the Scratch Team's zombies, becoming obsessed with the "Community Guidelines" and being creepily nice to everybody. If you try to fight against it, the Scratch Team will get on your case to "follow the Community Guidelines" and to "be more respectful" and to "follow the Community Guidelines," oh, and to "follow the Community Guidelines." Then, naturally, you'll want to know what you did wrong, because most likely, you did little to nothing wrong. The Scratch Team never SPECIFICALLY TELLS people what they did wrong. They're extremely vague and too stubborn to admit that they're punishing you for no real reason. They're just too over sensitive about those dang Community Guidelines. If you argue with the Scratch Team, they will ignore the good points you make and they will emphasize your weak points. If you finally do make a logical, sensible point, they will actually begin to ignore you because they'll know that you're right and they're wrong, but they'll be too stubborn to admit it. I like the coding aspects of this site, and I used to like the social aspect of it. The Scratch Team was doing a good job of enforcing their rules, but they mindlessly got carried away, and now, there's really no stopping them. Either become a mindless zombie-slave or stay away from the Scratch community entirely. Because if you try to be sensible, you'll most likely end up with your IP address being restricted from accessing Scratch. And if you ask why, you won't get an answer. Overall, Scratch is a pretty good program ruined by its online community which seems harmless on the surface, but is really a dark online place for kids to get brainwashed and not truly learn how to act in a society. I recommend Scratch for the coding aspect ONLY. DO NOT get sucked into the community. You'll regret it. Trust me.

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Kid, 10 years old December 2, 2016

lame baby website

This website is really stupid. don't do it.

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Privacy & Safety
Kid, 9 years old November 27, 2016

If I could give this 1,000,000,000 stars, I would.

OK, Scratch is awesome. It allows kids to have programming skills to mske games, animations, and more! I have been doing it for 9 months on my account monkeyorange. It's amazing, I love making games. It's also very safe. Overall, kid or adult, You should get an account. Get one now!

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Kid, 10 years old April 14, 2010

LOVE it!

i'm in love with this site! when i first made my account, i coudn't stop coming back even though at first i was a nobody but now i've made so much nice friends! plus it makes programming easy and fun, a 7 year old could do it! but some uploaded content may be innapropriate, it is flagged and removed immediately. btw my username there is flemzy
Kid, 12 years old April 5, 2018

Fine, some major flaws

Its okay, but the scratch team does NOT believe in 2nd chances. I remember my friend said something not even that bad and got banned for life! If you are a young kid you won't look up the violent stuff most likely they wont see it. I one time posted a project about noobs, it really wasnt mean and the deleted it and sent me a pretty mean warning. And it really isn't that much about coding, the program isn't great either the projects can't be that long so if you work on something for a long time but it is super big they won't let you post it. That is the main reason I gave it up. It was clearly lazily made and and boring. If you are on that site too long it will do stuff to you. DON'T FALL INTO THEIR TRAP!

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Privacy & Safety
Kid, 11 years old March 17, 2018

Scratch is okay.

I got banned for linking to other websites, which is stupid, since members of the Scratch Team link to their twitter accounts all the time. Also, the Scratch Team and many users talk about sex and sexuality all the time, It's disgusting. That being said, you can learn a lot from it, and you should be fine as long as you stay on the good side of Scratch.

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Sexy stuff
Teen, 17 years old Written byKira274 December 11, 2016

I can't log in

When I tried to log in, it kept telling me i didn't put in the correct username or password. I could see that my username was correct, so I retyped my password. I use the same password for every site I have an account for, so I know I didn't forget it. Eventually it showed me two pictures with barely readable letters in them, and I had to type them to attempt to log in. I was sick of typing in my correct password, but it not working, so I reset my password. I chose a new password, but I still couldn't log in. I tried resetting my password again, but it still didn't work. I spent hours creating something that I can't access anymore. This website was a waste of my time.
Kid, 10 years old September 29, 2013

GREAT - Just One Flaw

I think that this website is AMAZING, but when I create something, then view it, when I view it the next time, it is left as it was in the end of the first time.
Teen, 13 years old Written byfistofdeath September 4, 2012

Great Site!

This site rocks! It taught me, and teaches many others, the basics of programming, so they can movie onto other, more complicated languages. Despite it's simplicity, you can make very proffessional-looking games. The only downsides are some users posting innapropiate/violent projects, but these can get flagged. There is online interaction with the Scratch Forums, but not everybody uses it and they are mostly used for help. Overall, IT ROCKS!!!!

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Kid, 11 years old August 5, 2012



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Teen, 14 years old Written byCheeseMunchy May 6, 2012


The best website and program you will ever use. Great for kids to learn programming.

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Kid, 9 years old February 12, 2011

awesome website!

This website is really cool! Some kids can post bad stuff like with swears or violence,but you can easily flag them and the people over at MIT can take them off the website...other than that its great!

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Violence & scariness
Educational Value
Teen, 13 years old Written byUndyneIvoid May 27, 2019

I love animating on it

My user name is UndyneIvoid on scratch, and I think it is really fun! It's for all ages! Say "le dank dioof" on my profile on scratch if you agree!

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Privacy & Safety
Teen, 13 years old Written bySky Oakes April 27, 2019

Really happy with this website!

I love Scratch - everything about it gets 5 stars! The setout is designed well, and although it is a little confusing after the 3.0 update, I still highly recommend it for everyone. The art editor is great - includes vector and bitmap - and produces great results if you know how to use it. I also think that the community on Scratch is moderated reasonably well and most users are polite - I have had some bad experiences, but, given that Scratch is a form of social media, that's just something that users need to accept. The only real problem is that some art posts on Scratch contain mild violence and some blood - but the moderators ensure that it doesn't go past that. There have been lots of rumours about people being banned without reason, but in all honesty I have been on Scratch for years and have never been banned - just remember to be polite and if you are giving criticism, make sure it's respectful and constructive :) Overall, Scratch is a great place to have fun, code, and make art!
Kid, 11 years old April 16, 2019


I love Scratch!! It is educational and safe. I only rated it four stars because the new project editor is weird.
Teen, 13 years old Written byDerpStereo April 14, 2019

Undefined rules

so, I've used scratch for 2 years, and it's great for coding! But socializing ? Forget it! If you do so much as refer to someone that you know in real life, blocked! They don't ask both sides for the story, no! I legit just asked "can we talk over Discord instead?" because it's easier for chatting! They didn't ask the other user for clarification that they knew the other user!! Anyway, they didn't clarify in ANY FRICKING DETAIL on their rules! Obviously I didn't expose my username to anyone! and now they've shunned me from learning coding because they couldn't clarify their rules. "You'll get a response within 2 weeks" my arse! it's been 2 MONTHS!!! They just want to keep negative opinions silent from the public, but I'm not keeping my mouth shut! Please, help me in getting scratch to UPDATE THEIR RULES!!!

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Privacy & Safety
Teen, 14 years old Written byblook4life April 12, 2019

the scratch team is doing something weird

when scratch deems that a project is slightly too "scary" for kids just won't load and often it's only smaller profiles that are affected by this. other than that, it's fine, but being honest those projects only had a small amount of blood or sometimes none at all.