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Too much consumerism
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Toondoo (and why it not to use it)

So recently, i have had the "pleasure" of using Toondoo for a school project. I simply had to make a 3 panel comic. Nothing to worry about, right? Wrong. The creation tools are buggy and spastic, the shapes and various things you can place are random, annoying, and largely useless, and the website misregistered my "rotate" as a "delete" and deleted the contents of the comic twice. Aside from that, many of the shapes have no place on the site. Political party symbols, various brand symbols, etc. Overall, it was grating and thoroughly unpleasant. Coming from someone who has significant experience with computers, and sadly, comics (shoutout to all the teachers who make us do comics), i'd just keep looking for another site.
age 10+

Approach with caution

Appalling bad company! Website was fantastic - very easy to use and produced amazing cartoons - however, their customer service was beyond bad! THREE TIMES uploaded money to their site as I wished to purchase hi-res versions of the cartoon I produced for my degree - but each time the money did not register and despite trying to contact them through their website, by email, through paypal and over the telephone - I am $30 out of pocket - have no cartoon, am unable to complete my paper. At the moment, I have made 37 attempts to contact them through various methods to either get my money back or access my cartoon - but each attempt to contact has been ignored. PLEASE APPROACH THIS COMPANY WITH CAUTION!