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age 10+

Barely works

The idea of being able to make your own comic is really amazing and it is often used by teachers to get children to transfer their knowledge in a creative way. However in Toondoo it is practically impossible to make something better than a generic two 4 panel comic. Anything beyond that crashes, most saves do not work, images cannot be imported, the character maker works once in a full moon and it automatically published your work to the Toondoo community unless you disable that- however younger children might not see that option. Just stick to good old paper and pen since this is the creation of the devil itself. Hope I saved some of you from the hours of frustration I had to go through!
age 9+

Worst experience ever!

If ever you were thinking about using this tool, don't bother. It took me 2 hours to connect because the website was so slow. It wasn't my internet because all the other websites ran fine. This is a horrible website.

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