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Parent reviews for Twitch

Common Sense says

Popular gaming site hosts many videos, some iffy content.
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Parent of a 13 year old Written byAdamJen12 September 9, 2018

Twitch is good... Usually...

Twitch offers a very open service to gaming streamers allowing them to borderline run their own little community and do the thing they love to do at the same time. This can be a mix of good and bad at times. Twitch is Live, this means what you're seeing is happening almost at the same time, and people are watching it with you at the same time, which may ring the security bell for many parents. Twitch also has the option to donate money to your favorite streamers which there's usually a minimum but no maximum; this could be a minor issue if your kid has their own debit/credit card or just so happens to know your credentials by heart. Twitch is for the most part, a teen to adult website. There are an abundant amount of mature streamers playing the usual violent video games which is nothing new nor is it necessarily bad. What worries me is the growing number of Women streamers using their bodies and over-sexualizing their stream to gain more viewers and in turn, donators. This should obviously raise a red flag for parents. So long as your kid is 13-16, the violence and swearing of twitch is likely nothing new to him. Maybe just occasionally check in to make sure he's not looking at the wrong things.

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Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Parent of a 18+ year old Written byFatherofgirls February 8, 2019

And Ad pushing engine...

Twitch is a game viewing platform that highlights most games that are popular and attracts viewers. Twitch exploits this by pushing ads over and over. More ads than during a normal television show. Many times the ads pop up during a game session that is right in the heart of the action. If it's a Live streamer, then there is just parts that you are forced to miss. If you switch from one streamer to another to view, then your viewing choices are hijacked, kidnapped, and forced to watch whatever ads Twitch tries to shove down your throat. Repeatedly. Over and over. They had a previous option to join as a Twitch Prime member and pay to not have to view all the ads, but that was taken away, though you still have to pay for the Prime account, and they are back to forcing ad junk at viewers. My girls, I have 2 daughters late teens, don't watch anymore, and I am fed up with the commercialism and greedy money grab tactics.

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Adult Written byFinleyAnderson01 January 17, 2019

Its Awesome

I think this app is a great app