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Kid-only social network promises to block dangerous adults.
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Adult Written byaimeejohns February 20, 2010

Not very safe

Not as safe as it seems. It has a long way to go

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Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byDawn M. October 17, 2016

Not as safe as they say

After looking at social networking apps for my child to interact outside of school with friends and an alternative to Instagram, I was guided to your sphere which states it has strict rules and that parents control the account.. I am still waiting for confirmation that my child has joined - not very strict is it? Also children have an option to keep pictures private , yet Instagram pictures are private on a private account, why are children given these options ? It has posts like Pinterest where children can comment on others post !! It's not safe! It's a gimmick for users

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Privacy & Safety
Parent of a 8, 10, and 12-year-old Written byneshama February 24, 2016

Kids Under 13 Not Allowed

I was excited to read about Yoursphere, thinking it was an app that my kids would be able to use safely, but when I tried to sign up my 12 year old daughter, I still received a message that the "terms of service prohibit (my daughter) from joining." There was a link that said "Get your kid id here!" However, the link just takes me to PRIVO, a company that offers services to make youth registration and parental consent easy for app developers.
Adult Written byAl Jackson April 15, 2012

Great website!

My friend was being cyberbullied and he found this website to prevent him from being cyberbullied.The website was GREAT!
Parent of a 6, 9, and 12-year-old Written byhoss88 July 4, 2011


first of all, part of this site is OURWORLD, which CSM rates at age 13, but this site is rated 9. what gives????

I can tell you that I find the content far too violent and sex-infused for my 10 and 12 yo's. and my 12 yo has been found by and able to find other participants via the site itself, so the privacy is a joke.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byChandDad June 27, 2011

Yoursphere is great fun for kids, educational & safe

My 10 year old son is a huge fan of Yoursphere. He is on the shy side so the social aspect of this site has really helped build his confidence by connecting him to kids who share his interests. He's made friends from kids all over the country, and I don't worry about inappropriate contact from adults one bit.

The site monitors activity very closely and handles any off-limits behavior in a timely. sensitive manner.

Also, the founder has a website called YoursphereForParents that I subscribed to awhile ago. It has easy to understand practical advice for setting privacy controls on all your kids' electronic toys, and I've learned a lot about some of the seriously privacy and safety issues that affect families. I encourage my family and friends to be informed and proactive. The Internet and social sites have so much to offer but like anything else you need to use these tools appropriately.

My son told me I should be sure to tell you that Yoursphere is :"fun", kids can do "a lot of cool stuff" and the virtual world is "awesome."

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Educational Value
Positive Messages
Parent of a 6, 10, and 13-year-old Written byMusingsfromMe April 21, 2009

My Daughter Loves Yoursphere

Like any 13-year-old my daughter wants to dive head first in to the "rule free" world of adults. She grimaces and rolls her eyes with the best of them. Like any mom I want to keep my daughter young and protected.

I cringe at the number of my daughter's friends who have set up MySpace and FaceBook pages -- without their parent's permission AND using phony ages. Yes, these 12- and 13-year-olds are listing themselves as 15 or older. As an adult I know to only accept friends who I KNOW. I have a feeling a 13-year-old might accept any and all friendship requests. Who knows who is lurking on FaceBook trolling for unsuspecting teens. Scary.

For me, Yoursphere is a safe place for my daughter to network. I am confident about and comfortable with the environment of the spheres on Yoursphere. My daughter, a budding writer, loves writing on Yoursphere. Yoursphere allows kids to write about what they want -- I am sure at times the writing seems juvenile and irrelevant to adults, but these are kids 9-18 writing for other kids 9-18. My daughter loves the feedback she gets from other budding writers in her writing sphere. She refers to them as her "peer editors."

As for the cost of Yoursphere, I look back at the computer games and online services I have purchased in the past for my children when they were younger. In the past I have purchased a CD-ROM game or two per year for approx. $30 per game. I've also paid for about 30 WebKinz and the online experience for my little ones @$12-$14 each. Yoursphere is an extension of my child's online learning experience.