Best for Learning: Our Recommendations for Families

Discover the best in learning apps, games, and websites for your kids. "Best of" lists offer handpicked, carefully reviewed titles grouped by category. Topics range from skills essential to life and work in the 21st century, to traditional academic subjects, to recommendations for particular settings or types of kids. And these titles are FUN! After all, excited, engaged kids are primed for learning.
Peek-a-Zoo by Duck Duck Moose App Poster Image
Step into others' shoes with these great games.
This Is My Story (And I'm Sticking To It) App Poster Image
Engaging tools for everything from letter basics to keeping a daily journal.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Friends - First Words App Poster Image
Brush up on your smarty pants words with these apps.
Make a Martian App Poster Image
Out-of-this-world astronomy apps.
Sago Mini Toolbox App Poster Image
Hands-on hits for crafty kids.
Doodle Math: Shapes App Poster Image
Digital math marvels for active young minds.
Eli Explorer App Poster Image
Exploring other languages in an app = bueno!
Lazoo Art Box App Poster Image
Aaand, ACTION! Kids can become movie creators with these great tools.
News-O-Matic App Poster Image
News websites designed for a young audience.
We Give Books Website Poster Image
Encourage social responsibility in kids.
Ekoloko Game Poster Image
Get involved in issues that affect communities around the world.
BrainPOP Jr. Website Poster Image
Online resources for tough assignments.
Creating Music Website Poster Image
Great tools to help kids learn the craft of creating with technology.
Sago Mini Friends App Poster Image
Collaboration is a key 21st-century skill, and these titles offer engaging ways to practice.
Skybrary Website Poster Image
Engaging resources that offer kids more than ABCs.
PBS KIDS PLAY! Website Poster Image
Can kids learn and have fun at the same time? You bet!
Daniel Tiger's Grr-ific Feelings App Poster Image
Help kids put themselves in the shoes of others.
Think & Learn Code-a-pillar App Poster Image
Programming is the new literacy all kids can benefit from.
Dora & Kai-Lan's Pet Shelter Game Poster Image
Learning what happy, sad, and confused feelings and faces are are crucial skills for kids.
Move Like Me App Poster Image
These great picks make all the right moves.