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Cute sim, but requires too much attention and real money.
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Adult Written byTessa C June 19, 2020

Boring and just a click click click buisness sim

I downloaded it and it wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to be creative and design clothes but you just run a buisness. Awful and boring yet still asks for money, money to accomplish... nothing. But this isn't designing, creating, or dress up it is a buisness sim. Just clicking and then it wants money to make the boring game go faster. I guess it is SAFE but why let your kids waste time on this? It doesn't promote creativity, or use brainpower with puzzles. It's a clicker game.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byEvansN December 16, 2019

Gets boring really quick !!!!

It was great at the beginning you earn gems regularly by videos offered to watch daily up to 6 times and each time you got a gem but the longer you play the videos decrease to the point you get none offered now. You need to buy a lot and I mean a lot of clothes to get one gem. You earn lots of money but it’s no good because you need 40 gems per time to increase the floor space by a tiny bit and it takes ages to do so it becomes very time consuming with very little reward and it’s becomes so boring. It’s definitely a games towards spending your money to buy gems to make the game interesting. Sometimes you do pay some accessories they show distorted. People coming in and buying the stuff all look the same only women and one of them looks so angry it’s funny. Visually ok. But the constant pop up of their advertising of other games becomes beyond painful. If you don’t want to spend your own money regularly I would not recommend this game to anyone.

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Adult Written byAnita M. April 8, 2017
I am a daily player of this game and what they wrote about it isn't ALL truth... You can earn gems which you use to buy items for your shop. .. Once you pick a item you keep ordering the item and it gives you 4 levels...You get money and you also get gems... So NO it is NOT necessary to use real money to have fun and play this game. You can also meet amazing people from ALL walks of life in the game they are considered your neighbors. There are more adults playing this game than you think. So always be aware who your child is interacting with while on the internet... If you run into a fake person looking to meet girls for other reasons you can report them... The game is enjoyable, relaxing and exciting... I highly reccommend it for any teen or parent... This game helps you learn how to run a business, handle money and interact with people... These are just my opinions

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Ease of Play
Adult Written bySummer M. November 17, 2016


I have been playing Fashion Story for months now. I am both very sick and injured now, constantly in the hospital. I was really liking this game. I am bedridden and play this and now more recently bakery story. One day I noticed a lot of glitching, the game refreshes and you either lose items, or you have to redo the stocking of items. It was just annoying, but nothing too troubling to stop playing. I informed Storm8 of the issues. Then, I started to lose gems. Gems are not easily earned in bulk (unless you download a bunch more of their games and keep up with those goals as well). Most items and in many of the goals, they require gems. Well, that's when I started to buy gems, but only when they were on sale. I was furious when I accidentally used my gems for an instant display/release items to shelf,counter, or rack instead of waiting for the normal time. I have a hand tremor and accidentally spent my gems on things that I did not want. I informed them again, this time they responded and said that they could not reimburse purchased gems or money, whether it was intended or not. I thought it was stupid, but was nice, patient, and uderstanding. I suggested to them that in the case of using gems, that another window to comes up, asking if you are sure you want to use them or not with a yes or no to click on, which they said they'd consider. More glitches and freezing of the game occured. I lost more gems and other items. Things I had just put on racks were not there anymore. About a month ago, I lost 46 gems. They were there, then the game froze, refreshed itself, and then they were gone. I have contacted Storm8 many times and have not heard back from them. So far, just in fashion story (not including bakery story) I have lost about 100 gems. I am furious. I have been trying to save up my gems for things I've had my eyses on for a while, but keep losing them. I have talked with other people playing, they call this a scam and "gem traps". I have been warning people not to use your own money in any of the storm8 games. It is sad because I really do like to play these games, as I have the time for them. Before you download this game know that it really does take up a lot of your time, there are many things wrong with it like the glitches, losing items and gems, also this game is very addicting. Think carefully before purchasing gems!!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND STORM8 GAMES AT ALL.

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Parent of a 5 and 10-year-old Written bySarah V. August 19, 2016

OK for a few weeks

My 7 year old daughter and I play this together. It is a typical "farming" type game where you select fashions from the catalog and it takes time for them to arrive. Once they arrive you put them out on racks or shelves and, over time, people buy them and you need to be ordering more things from the catalog. At first it is really fun because you order things that take 1-15 minutes to get there and put them out and then order more. As the game progresses it takes longer to buy fashions that come in higher quantities, and therefore they take longer to sell. My daughter lost interest waiting 8-24 hours for items to arrive and eventually stopped playing. We did not use any real money on this game and I thought the gameplay was fine. There are a lot of ads for other games that pop up and to progress in the game's challenges you must "friend" other players and visit their shops and you can write on their wall. We didn't encounter anything inappropriate (but there could be a potential for this).

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Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byLisaF44 July 22, 2012

Not really for kids

This game as all the other Team Lava games have adverts for games that are violent and inappropriate for kids. Billboards appear on games for War World. Not acceptable.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written bydevanylee June 27, 2011


it is the only game i play on my phone, Ipod, and Ipad!
Adult Written bymaria007 June 10, 2011

Scam don't buy! Kids will charge stuff withou needing a password!

My daughter downloaded it on her babysitters iphone and then charged $99 without needing any password. This is a scam! Don't buy!!