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Cute sim, but requires too much attention and real money.
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Teen, 13 years old Written byYakkoMustChange June 24, 2017

This is not for Fashion Story, but it is for some other TeamLava/Storm8 game

I never played Fashion Story, but the reason why this review is going here on the article for that game is because I couldn't find anywhere to directly review a similar game from the same company that made it, Pet Shop Story.
To start my review, I downloaded Pet Shop Story because I love animals. I also collect the Littlest Pet Shop animals and I thought Pet Shop Story would, like the LPS apps, be a cute and sweet animal game.
Anyway, Pet Shop Story is not a Littlest Pet Shop game. It doesn't even directly deal with virtual pets. Rather, it's from the company Storm8, and it is a business sim where you build a pet shop. Sounds fun, right?
(Okay, I wish it were a humane society/animal shelter sim, but oh well.)
Sounds fun, right? Wrong! The game wants you to be on it ALL THE STINKING TIME! What happens if you don't follow its schedule? Your baby pet (that you pay in-game money for, it's not free) falls ill and you are confronted with two choices: abandon the animal or pay $$$ to heal it. Naturally, since most people who play this can't or won't shell out real money for a virtual pet, they have no choice but to abandon the thing and let it "die"! THIS IS TOO MORBID FOR A CHILDREN'S GAME. I DELETED THIS APP AND I MAY DELETE MY OTHER TEAMLAVA APP, PET HOTEL STORY (which does the same blackmail but to a lesser degree: if you don't follow that app's schedule, the "soulmate" or "baby" to one of your pets runs away unless you have $$$ to coax it back to your hotel)
Anyway, the game also demands you have not just one, but a family of four for each animal purchased in-game. Which means two times the death unless you're a rich person. Pet Shop Story also throws tasks at you demanding certain pets that are unaffordable for some players during certain stages of their game, demanding families of certain pets, demanding crossbreeds of certain pets, the demands never end.
And last but not least, we have endless ads in ALL the TeamLava/Storm8 apps. Right now I'm getting nonstop pop-ups for a game called "Hungry Babies" that I don't really want. I understand advertising for other games, but can't the company just tone their ads down so that we don't accidentally click a link to the app store and fumble around for the "back to (insert Storm8 game here)" link? Hasbro (the company who made LPS your world, which is a much better app) has zillions of other games, but they don't make pop-ups or missions for them that interfere with gameplay. And Nimblebit (makers of Tiny Tower) also has a few other apps, but ads for those aren't plastered all over. GET REAL, TEAMLAVA/STORM8! STOP THE PETS DYING/RUNNING AWAY, THE ENDLESS NAGGING FOR OTHER GAMES, AND THE NAGGING FOR $$$!

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Kid, 10 years old December 22, 2015

13? Seriously!

this is a good game, nothing to really worry about

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Teen, 15 years old Written byOfficial Critic June 5, 2012

Good Game - with security issues

A game that requires too much attention distracts you from other things you're doing. Many sneaky tricks and advertisements to make you want to pay real money for cash, so just be careful what you press. Only girls are recommended to play this game.

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Kid, 9 years old May 18, 2012

Don't download,SCAM,

This is a scam! They will make you pay like....100$! It tries to trick and take of being stupid to kids and get money!"team lavas" apps are horrible!
Kid, 12 years old August 16, 2011

Great iPhone graphics, too!

I am a child reviewer- I am 12 years old, and I love this game. I have an iPhone 3GS, and some of the apps for it have users who curse and cheat. But not this one! I have never seen anything inapro-pro and users are friendly to all. Gameplay is easy, and leaving for any amount of time is fine. The comment about your orders expiring is only really applicable if you have ordered a large amount- the amount of coins you spend for lower-level clothing doesn't matter, only 10 or 20 coins out of most players' ten thousands. I have really enjoyed using this app over the last week or so, and I am sorry to see school in the near future- time to put the iPhone away! Overall, really good app. I recommend Fashion Story to all ages.

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Kid, 12 years old June 29, 2011

Let me tell you one thing...

Okay, the review is completely inaccurate.
There is a way to get gems. You can get what I call 'mastery' on clothing articles and eventually outfits. Every time you rise a level, you can get coins, experience, and a couple times I got GEMS. The only downside to this strategy is that it takes quite a lot of time and you might not always get gems.
And for goodness sake, people, if you don't want your kids to buy things, TURN OFF IN-APP PURCHASES! IT'S NOT THAT HARD!
Now that I am done correcting the misinformation, I'll explain why I like this game.
Yes, I am a twelve-year-old with an iPhone. Problem with that? I have this game and also Bakery and Restaurant Story. I love the time management, and this game will teach the younger generation how to budget their time and money without spending real money and facing real consequences if they don't collect the merchandise before it expires.

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