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FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation

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My main account.

I dislike something, please keep the data back when reinstalled. I had an environmental quiz and said to remove any apps or else I will be caught by the security. FlipaClip, please help me get my data back.
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Love at first sight but then...

FlipaClip is a great basic animation app that allows the user to get familiar with short timeline animation, how to illustrate movement, work with timing and layers and also how to convert the raw project itself into a playable clip. The upside: Its interface is simple and accessible so the user is somewhat able to learn by trial and error. It can be used as a free version with ads playing at the beginning of viewing a clip. It touches on the basics of animation without drowning in technical stuff. The downside: The app is solemnly deigned around the social media platform, as a target for the clips that are made. This means if a child is learning how to animate on this app, it will be guided to save the project as a movie, in various forms, for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo and Tumblr, all platforms for adults not children. (Make a note of what scocial media platforms are left out!). In context to young children, kids and teens this is a barricade for them to save their projects without them (and guardians) being influenced into buying multiple types of service or features in the app. This means that if a child has made a rock-solid project and wants to own it, the raw project is locked inside the app, if the child has a school version of the app the cannot transfer their projects to their personal device. So, my conclusion is this: Good app to get the basics, to be used as a sketchbook but nothing more. I feel as if the app is one big Clickbait made for children. The ads are COMPULSIVE and demand interaction with the user of the app regardless of age. So every time a child wants to view its project or show it to someone they have to go to the painstaking process of watching an ad, clicking on the tiny x button in the upper right corner, then watch the second chapter of the ad and then click again on the tiny tiny arrows or x button in the corner (if they fail at this procedure the will automatically be transferred to App store) and then they can watch their project.

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Too much consumerism
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Excellent for aspiring young animaters

I think this game is excellent if your child is interested in drawing or animation. Also good for teens or adults. Very easy use and excellent quality

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Easy to play/use