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Comic-Creation Apps and Websites

Lots of kids love comic books and webcomics. And now with the rising popularity of graphic novels and superhero blockbusters, comics are more mainstream than ever. These digital tools can help turn kids from comic fans into comic creators. The apps and websites on our list empower creative kids as they learn art, storytelling, and digital-creation skills. Whether your kid wants to become the next Stan Lee or just wants to draw favorite cartoon characters, there's a great tool on this list to help kids tap into their creative side. And for more great tools, check out these Creative Apps.

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Superhero Comic Book Maker Poster Image

Superhero Comic Book Maker

age 5+

Engaging way to make stories with great graphics and audio.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad (2012)
Make Beliefs Comix Poster Image

Make Beliefs Comix

age 8+

Nifty comic-creation tool offers positive, upbeat messages.

URL: https://www.makebeliefscomix.com/ (2013)
Strip Designer Poster Image

Strip Designer

age 8+

Simple, exciting way to create comic books using own photos.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad (2013)
Big Nate: Comix By U! Poster Image

Big Nate: Comix By U!

age 9+

Bright, creative app will inspire kids' inner cartoonist.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad (2012)
Comic Life Poster Image

Comic Life

age 9+

Fun way to turn your own images into realistic cartoons.

URL: http://comiclife.com/ (2013)
FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation Poster Image

FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation

age 9+

Inviting animation tool brings drawings to life.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , Android (2020)
Creaza Cartoonist Poster Image

Creaza Cartoonist

age 10+

Create kooky comic-style stories with pretty intuitive tool.

URL: https://web.creaza.com/en/ (2013)
Halftone 2 Poster Image

Halftone 2

age 11+

Easy photo-based comics creator makes building stories fun.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad (2014)
Pixton Poster Image


age 12+

Create impressive comics with simple click-and-drag tools.

URL: https://pixton.com (2012)
WEBTOON - Find Yours Poster Image

WEBTOON - Find Yours

age 15+

Diverse but mature collection of user-created comics.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , Android (2020)