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By Chris Morris, Common Sense Media Reviewer

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Uninspired, unsafe cash grab from a massively hit show.

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Class Action lawsuit in the works

There IS A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT collecting information right now. I found it because our son was taken for thousands. The lawyer said a case with a minor increases their chance at arguing well against WB’s likely defenses. Look up “Pollock GOT app lawsuit.” Fill out the form telling your story even if it’s not about the deceptive discounting. It’s likely there was, in fact, deceptive pricing.
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Borderline Illegal

  This game is based entirely around ways to get you to spend money. Without paying at least $200-300 a week you will quickly be irrelevant and unable to participate in the game. Those who spend become powerful quickly, leaving free to play (f2p) players in the dust. But that's not the worst part.    So the main premise of this game is stats for your troops. You increase these stats through "crafting" wearable gear as well as "crafting" gear for your armory. I put quotations around "crafting" because it's actually gambling. Crafting works by using materials (mats) to upgrade a gear piece starting at level 1 - 50, increasing in increments of 5 at a time (1-5-10-20-25,etc). The quality of the gear directly affects the stats, quality is color coded from poor to legendary, in order White=poor, Green=Common, Blue=Fine, Purple=Exquisite, Orange=Epic, and Gold=legendary. There is no way of knowing what color you'll get unless you buy enough packs to have the same quality of mats across the board (i.e. All purple mats lands you a purple gear piece. Each level you move up increases the mats needed exponentially. In order to craft 1 gold 45 piece you'd need to either farm in game nonstop (I mean this literally, no breaks, no sleep) for well over a week straight, or buy packs (you will spend at least $500 to get the mats needed). This is where the gambling part comes in. Obviously very few can spend that kind of money, remember this is $500 for ONE level 45 piece, there are 6 pieces in a set of weables and am addition 6 in the armory, so 12x$500. Clearly the amount of farming is unrealistic as well, thus your forced to gamble by using mixed quality mats and hope you get the quality piece you're going for. There is no method to the outcome, and the formulas are not transparent, it is virtually random everytime. Some days you'll successfully craft 2 or 3 pieces, then lose on all attempts the remaining 29 days of the month, with no reasoning or logic behind it. It's structured this way to make you spend money. If you recall Star Wars Battlefront 2 did something very similar, and were successfully sued for illegally encouraging gambling amongst minors, this game does the same. WB, the owner and creator of the game, do not care. They have rigged this game to make it impossible to succeed without spending ludicrous amounts of money. This is not an exaggeration, this is quite literal. The amount of resources and materials given to you in game through events and mechanics like such are far too scarce to do any good. Example, every 4 keep sizes up you go, you unlock a new tier of troops. You are not truly considered a "hitter" (term used by those who play to designate a player that's actually worth a damn) until you reach k26 and unlock t9 troops. To get to k26 and t9s as a free to play player will take you several months, and that's just to unlock the troops, that doesn't account for the "crafting" I mentioned above to make the troops worth anything on the battlefield. So you as a f2p player will need several months of nonstop playing, finishing high in the events for rewards, and farming to reach k26, whereas I, a spender, will get there in 2-4 weeks based on how much I feel like sinking in to it. I used k26 as an example because that is the invisible pay wall, past that point WB makes it impossible to grow any higher, because there are resources needed to grow that can only be purchased and are not given out in game. Just for the sake of clarity, here's a price breakdown of the costs of this game that everyone should know before getting into it: Up to k24 - can be done with diligent game play for free over the course of several weeks K24-K26 = roughly $800-1000 K26-K30 = $3000, conservative estimate, most likely as high as $4000 K30-K34 = another $3600 on top of all previous costs above K34-K35(Max level) = an additional $1200 These numbers are literally just the baseline to grow your keep, there is still the dragon, which to max that out costs an additional $5000 or so. The more you spend the better you are, so the games meta is set up to reward those with frivolous tendencies and punishes those just wanting to have fun and not spend a small fortune. Most active and competitive teams in this game spend roughly $100k combined per month. That's what it takes to be competitive. Personal costs are easily $1000-$3000 a month to remain competitive, with a grand total of easily $20-$30k spent over the course of playing, potentially up as high as 6 figures.    Now comes the real kicker, which is why this game should be adults only: kids will be disregarded, and have very nasty things said to them while being exposed to very toxic and harmful bullies. Wb does nothing to stop these types of people. On top of that, say they did play for free and work really hard to grow, but don't have enough gold for a shield, or forget to put one up. They will be "zeroed" by one of the big players, which is when you are attacked, robbed of opened resources, and all of your troops killed. 3 months of work gone in 10 minutes, requiring you to do it all over again.    I actively play this game, and hate how addicting it is, and I also spend as well. I say all of this because there is nothing about this game that makes it suitable for anyone under 18. Quite literally the rich run the show, and f2p or young players are disregarded, disrespected, and bullied to the point of traumatic emotional distress. I've seen this first hand multiple times, it gets so bad even adults playing this game can't handle it, and WB doesn't care to fix it because why should they? They make their money, and any setback for you is more money for them. Please do not let your kids play this, and those of you reading this who are older, please exercise caution when getting into it. Discord is a major companion where most teams communicate, and it's fully unregulated. There are bots for porn and all kinds of stuff in those servers that are not suitable for minors and the players in said server do not care about what they're exposing your child to. Unfortunately most big teams require their members to be on discord, so it's nearly unavoidable if you're gonna play, so don't play to begin with.

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There's a great strategy game waiting to be made from this popular TV show and book franchise, but unfortunately, this isn't it. While it has some interesting twists on the strategy formula (specifically, the allegiance system and rewards for loyal allies), Game of Thrones: Conquest is a paint by numbers strategy game that any media property could be plugged into and it would feel the same. There's no sense of being in Westeros as you level up again and again, aside from the still pictures of familiar faces from the show popping up to assign tasks or instruct you. And the treadmill of gathering resources, upgrading castles and crafting gets old fast.

On top of the game flaws, there's a wild west feel to much of the action. The chat is unmoderated -- with plenty of harsh comments being launched and a number of scam artists repeatedly sending out a URL for people to visit for resources. (These should obviously be avoided at all costs, because these links would probably try to load a virus or two onto devices.) The lack of control to eliminate these threats makes the game feel cheap, like the show that so many people love is being used simply to lure you in, but there's no caretaking of its mythology once you've arrived.

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