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Bland, frustrating shooter has poor controls, boring play.
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Adult Written byO Q July 21, 2021

Should be Guns Of Greed

This game is set up to take your money, period. They make it very difficult to earn any of the best weapons by playing. It will take forever. You're force or manipulated I should say to pay real money to match up with anyone who already has a dominating weapon or prepare to be killed. It's such a turn off. And the prices for weapons, armor, or anything beneficial are extremely priced, ridiculous. Everything that you can earn easily, like a masks, logos, are all things that don't help you within gameplay. Grenades, medic packs, armor, and guns, they never give away for free. When you have killed an opponent, you are giving a very small amount of points per kill, it's pittiful. To earn one of the better guns I estimated that I had to kill approx. 2300 opponents which would have taken me 2 years to earn. That's if I didn't work, had nothing to do, and about 5 hours a day of playing the game. The developers are totally in it for money and try distracting you with free useless items but never give away anything beneficial. At first I enjoyed the game but was always getting killed by the person who had the biggest and best gun. Now I think that this game is a total rip off and a joke. There should be some rules placed for controlling games like this that scam players especially kids. Kids don't know any better so they want parents to spend real money on pretend items. Items that are not tangible, not real in a pretend world and once the child or player gets tired of playing this game, that's money wasted on something that is pretend. The devs should raise the points per kill and lower the prices on the phony, and fake cartoon weapons. This company is just sitting there waiting for money to be deposited into their accounts period. They've totally taken the fun out of 1st person shooters. The biggest trick they use is the tournaments with all the hype around them. Ask one of those players that are considered pros in this game, they'll tell you how much money they've invested to be the best. This is not a game of skill like a majority of 1st person shooters, it's a game fueled by who has the best guns. That cost real money to get ahead. I see this game as a scam nothing more than that. There should be a gaming control committee that regulates on developers who use tricks to earn real dollars for playing their games. I'm sure that all the employees at Guns of Boom's home office are not struggling financially. Like it's said, there's a sucker born every minute and I'm sure that's a motto that the devs stand by.

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Adult Written byHawksNest206 March 25, 2019

Pay to win

If you want to spend money for winning go ahead.

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Adult Written byTalhaishere August 28, 2018

Don't waste your time and money here

The game developers only care about making money, few guns are ridiculously over priced close to 400-500$, in game support is terrible and the game is filled with different glitches, every time they fix something few more new issues arise. The biggest issue I would say is the hacking going on in game and feels like more n more players have decided to cheat instead of spending hundreds of dollars in game.

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Adult Written byjerome03 July 20, 2018

Addicting and easy to use.

Early levels are easy. It gets tougher once you enter a new level bracket. Scaredy cats who tried it and say that it's for kids surely didn't stick around long enough. It consists of both F2P and P2W players. Very addictive. Good for kids coz there's no blood violence. Adults will enjoy playing it too just be ready to spend a little bit.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byJerry F. December 22, 2017

Money over integrity and playability

Stay away from the game. It’s s pay to play game. They are utterly shameless.

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Adult Written byBigDunk25 December 25, 2019

You’ll just be a number.

n game, generally good concept, PROFOUND failure in management and leadership. They’ve embarked on what I would consider to be an ultimately unrequited embargo with, “cheating or utilizing third party software.” This is humorous to me, because many peers I’ve met over the years playing the game, including myself on several occasions, have been banned without warrant. The claim being that of, “cheating or third-party software” with no proof aside from their word of mouth.

This has deeply perturbed me for a few reasons. First and most importantly, I spent an estimated $20K over the course of a year working on my first and most advanced account. I’d like to reiterate, $20,000.00 on an app. Now, that is largely my fault for investing so much time, energy and money into the apps. However, it was what I did. Rather than go to the bars and blow hundreds on drinks for girls or what have you – I spent it on my game. At least, that’s how I rationalized it. Regardless of my reasoning, I think we can agree that this is a large sum of money for such a short period of time. Put yourself in my shoes. You invest $20K to have an amazing account over a year, you’re super proud of it, and then they ban you from it. In my opinion, that’s unlawful seizure of a $20K asset. I use the word unlawful, because no evidence was ever provided. Some may ask, “Well why would they ban you if you spend so much money on the game?” – Great question. You eventually get to a point in the game wherein you’re about as good as it gets, not much more to blow cash on. That was me. Yet, I was annihilating other players due to my strong profile. This was no longer profitable for GoB. So, they decide to ban me. Give others their chances to rise the ranks. I’ve seen this time and time again.

My advice, don’t start this game, play this game, trust this game, or any affiliate app of game insight. They are an untrustworthy lot, seemingly uneducated, and clearly inconsiderate. I work in customer service myself, and this conglomerate organization of gaming applications is out for one thing…. their best interest. Their cheating monitoring software is clearly faulty, as it consistently deems non-cheating play as cheat-worthy and lands the player banned for life. They have no loyalty, no gray area regardless of tenure or gross expenditure. They’re black and white, cut and dry. Getting banned in this game is as likely as getting wet at sea, it’s going to happen. You breathe wrong, banned. You think wrong, banned. You blink wrong, banned. You get my point…. This game is atrociously malicious in terms of not caring for its customers. Don’t play, you’ll just be another number.
Adult Written byCJ Killee November 13, 2019

Some players hack

Good afternoon my name is Henry I have been playing this game for about 2 years now And I have noticed lately sometimes on my own team And I have noticed lately sometimes on my own team or the opponents Score Is constantly moving when no one is dying 4 points every second. I really do enjoy this game but the cheating has got to stop I have a video on it
Adult Written byMattDovi2 February 10, 2019

It is the best game ever.

This game is fantastic for kids. It involves no blood and no lag, only if you mad parents buy a good phone. Who said it has lag is a noob parent. And what if it shots people??? Do you think your child will never play a shooter game??? Any normal child tried already a shooter game!! And this game involves lots of tactics, so i think is one of the bests on the google play store.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byKayColorado November 24, 2018

Pro gun app

Disturbing. My 8 year old was playing with a a friend. This app seems to be popular with young kids. My guy seems to know something was not right about it. So I watched over his shoulder as he was shooting an AR 15 killing people in the back to secure an area. Shooting sounds realistic, I felt like I was pulling the trigger. No, not much blood and gore, but shooting a person does not crafted blood and gore, just death. It creeped me out. And I use guns in real life. No, this app is not welcome in our home. I recommend parents to check it out if you’re considering it. Viscerally disturbing.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byKarankaware October 13, 2018

Awesome game

No harm in this game really good but additive not that much but you should play it

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byOlympus2018 September 27, 2018

A quality free game that teaches/rewards patience

This is a fun game for both kids (12+) and adults
Absolutely free to play.. patience is rewarded as you earn credits to upgrade weapons etc..
Sure if you want the best weapons and armour you can pay real cash for that, or earn it the old fashioned way ..and learn to be ok with not having the best but making the best of what you have(when playing for free)
There is no demanded fees to progress through this game and level up as some here have stated.. that’s absolutely false
The “expert” review on this site is misleading and uninformed

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byMark S. December 18, 2017

The lag is real...don't waste your money

Unplayable lag..which makes you uncompetitive at higher levels..this is your not waste your money

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