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age 8+

Basically Kahoot in a different format

Very generic quiz game. I find it more fun than Kahoot. Some advertisements, but not a lot. Easy to play, but if you want to log in, it takes about five minutes. Very simple game, kind of a rip off of Kahoot but still a tad bit better. More fun for younger kids. (3/5)

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Educational value
age 5+

Good for school

I told my teacher that i do reviews for grownups and kids and she told me I should write one on the thing we've been usuing alot this year. I really look up to her I was scared i wasnt good at reviews and i stopped doing them for a longtime because i thought they werent good enough but she said my writing was really good when no one else did and so im writing this for her. mrs M if ur reading this thank you so much for everything my mom can be really mean sometimes but you're never mean to me.Anyways I need to do my review. So this is sorta like a game where your teacher quizes you on things you do in class. Its like trivia and you play against the other people in your class. You can add pictures and stuff I think so its good for teachers. Students can make them to but i donl't know why you'd need to. Its good for review on tests and has helped me do good on tests in school.

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Easy to play/use