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Bright, entertaining take on endless-runner genre.
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Parent of a 11-year-old Written bySuki W. November 14, 2016

Contains ad for Rrated movie

My daughter reported to me that while she was playing subway surfer she saw an ad for a movie called sausage party and part of the trailer included something saying I'm going to F___ the F____ out of you. Super.

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Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byRain- July 5, 2016

subway surfers pop ads are disgusting

I loved the game and loved the concept but Subway surfers had a pop up ad appear & my 7 year old daughter tried to exit and was taken to the web browser where they were displaying porn. I'm not sure why a kids app would re direct a child to this and personally I think it's disgusting. My daughter was totally freaked out and cried because she thought she was going to be in trouble because the app took her that site.

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Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byRyan C. May 10, 2017

Pornographic ads!!!

Pornographic ads popping up! Game itself is fine, but ads are unavoidable, unpredictable and graphic!

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Sexy stuff
Parent Written byspankakes September 20, 2013

It's not my favorite.

Its simplicity is geared for kids, but the theme is not. While relatively harmless and kids clearly love it, I question the premise of dodging police and trying to paint (graffiti) as many trains as you can. I certainly appreciate much artistic graffiti in our world, but when it's done for the sake of defacing public property and the emphasis is on its illegality, I don't think this is the best scenario for a kid's app.
Adult Written byTim P. March 10, 2018

Who is cuter ad?

8 year old son was playing it when a picture of two boys came to the screen with question, “Who is cuter?” Left a bad tast in my mouth. Saw other reviews on this site and it’s apperant that the creators don’t care what parents think. App deleted.
Adult Written byLynda K. April 15, 2017

Funny and Fun Game

I think this game is fun and helps with reflexes and the violence is bloodless and funny because the characters go bup or some other funny noise when the get hit by a train.

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Ease of Play
Parent of a 3, 5, 9, and 11-year-old Written byKeith M. January 3, 2017

Inappropriate ads

My kids loved this game until my 9yr old alerted me that she was seeing inappropriate images. I took the game for a test drive and sure enough an add for "Scatter Slots" with very inappropriate images. They will no longer be playing this game.
Adult Written bydanielpaz January 31, 2015

$250 in two days

I am trying to figure out how my 8 years old child spent $250 in two days, buying coins, since he did not have my password.
Adult Written byohood11 May 29, 2020

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Ease of Play
Violence & scariness
Adult Written byBillyt2005 November 20, 2019

I had almost 10,000,000 points I put my phone down for a moment I picked it up I was back at zero it got rid of all of my progress it has done it more than one time I really am thinking about deleting the stupid

If you do not have all damn day to play this game don’t start it because it took my points and put me back to
Adult Written byKayleigh521 December 28, 2018
The reason I picked age 6 is because I don’t think younger kids should really be playing games on phones. xD even for a 6 year old, I don’t think they should play often. I don’t think the game is kid unfriendly though, even if the environment includes dodging the police after spray painting. I don’t know many people that actually started getting aggressive after playing this game though, no matter how young they were. Really fun to play.
Has advertisements that might be inappropriate like anything else on the internet though, of course (have never seen one myself).

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Ease of Play
Parent of a 3 and 6-year-old Written byJacob M. May 23, 2018

Data collection & privacy problems

As a result of the new GDPR privacy regulations in Europe, Subway surfers has updated the app forcing my child to consent to its data collection practices. There was no opt out. I have a feeling that’s illegal. There is already a class action lawsuit by parents against the publisher. My son was sad, but I had to delete it.

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Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byPhoebe P. June 5, 2017

They steal your money

The game frequently changes venues. When it changes, the items you have acquired maybe lost. Kilo will only restore some of the lost items if you complain. Do not buy any items on this game with 'real money' or you will eventually be ripped off.
Parent of a 9-year-old Written byChris A. August 18, 2016

Not family friendly

I should have been paying more attention before this, but the game drew my attention when my daughter said "Die, police, die" referring to the police officers trying to apprehend the graffiti artist. I immediately deleted the APP and started reviewing the games before she can download them.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byOktogo1234 June 29, 2015

Sick of facebook

Sick of always pushing Facebook if I want to play on Facebook I would have already ask someone once not continually if it keeps asking I will delete the game
Adult Written byPakistanPEGI December 19, 2014


Nothing inappropriate.

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Ease of Play
Parent of a 6-year-old Written byyosif November 15, 2014

nice game to pass the time

I'm using an android emulator called andy to run this game on my pc which is pretty cool
Parent of a 9-year-old Written byTeamThirdGrade January 3, 2014

Deleting Because of In-App Purchases

My daughter has a Kindle Fire, and she has clicked purchases for extra coins and keys twice. In-app purchases are the negative of this app. I would prefer up front costs. I am not a fan of cheat codes or buying things to get to higher levels. Perseverance, hard work, and time are more important to me, and I will be deleting this app from my daughter's Kindle.

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Adult Written by915071 October 9, 2013



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Violence & scariness
Parent Written byKylew09231 May 11, 2013
It's a wonderful game for all ages!!