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Solid but slow strategy RPG encourages in-app purchases.

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age 13+


The reason why you can't get any 30 speed runes and never will Have you ever wondered how hard it is to actually get a rune that has 30 speed without any grinds? I have, today, actually. I do not know how many people play around with statistics/probability around here, but I might as well go ahead and give it a shot. First, we will need some info (everything here revolves around the B12 drop-rates): How likely is it to get a rune from any given run? How likely is it to get any given slot of rune? How likely is it to get a legendary rune assuming you get a rune at all? How likely is it, that the rune will have speed as a substat which is not innate? Some of these questions are easily answered by looking at some SWFARM data. I used Giant's B12 data here: What is the chance to get a rune after a run? Around 75% How about the different slots? All have about the same chance at 1/6 And how many runes does it take to get a legendary? The chance seems to be at 3% And now, we will need to do some calculations to get the percantage chance of getting speed as a substat, since SWFARM does not differentiate between the different rarities when it summarizes the likelyhood of substats appearing. Firstly, we have some outliers. Slot 1 and slot 3 runes have a special property, which makes it impossible to get def+/def% and atk+/atk% respectively, making it more likely to have speed as a substat. Now, overall ther are 11 different stats which you can find on a rune, and one of which will be the main stat and will therefore not appear in the substats, so we have 10 remaining. The question about the innate stats is easily resolved, since it makes no statistical difference what is rolled in that stat or if it even exists, since we can only upgrade the 4 main substats. Finally, assuming each substat is equally likely to appear, in slots 4,5,6 the probability of having speed as a substat is 40%, whereas for slots 1 and 3 it is 50%. Now we have an average chance of 44% over the 5 different slots we are looking at. This gives us all we need to calculate how difficult it is to get a 30 speed rune. For these calculations, I ignored slot 2 runes, since I would always hope to get 30 speed on literally any other slot, even if they would have some uses. We just multiply all the probabilities together, since we need them to occur at the same time, so we have the chance of getting any rune at all, the chance that it is not slot 2, the chance that it is legendary, the chance that it has speed as a substat and finally, the chance that it rolls max speed every time (the chance of which is 1/256 for a quad roll and 1/243 that all 5 rolls are maxed). This gives us a grand total of about 1/6283636. Over 1 in 6 Million. Just to compare, it is more than 250 times more likely to pull an ld5 from a wish (around 1/25000). This means it takes an average of over 6 million runs for a single 30 speed rune. If all your runs take an average of 1 minute, it would take you almost 12 years of non-stop farming to get a single one. It would cost almost 18 million crystals to buy enough energy for those runs. If you used all those crystals to buy mystical scrolls (arguably one of the worst ways to spend them) it would get you, on average, 1310 nat5s. Or if you want to spend them on the ld packs, that would get you around 46 ld5s. Now I ask you, would you rather have a single 30 speed rune, or every nat5 in the game multiple times along with a few shiny ld5s? Tl;dr The chance is less than 1 in 6 million and it would take over a decade to get one, so spend your crystals on unlimited nat5s instead!
age 18+

Waste of time, money, effort, and completely worthless

This game says it's completely "RNG" which if anyone knows out there RNG as they say is complete and utter Bologna. Do your own research just look up no such thing as RNG. But being that 99% of anyone reading this is most likely a sheep and will believe anything any company or political agenda tells you let me explain. RNG is fictitious and not real. Computers of any calibre or scale have zero ability to process this so called Random event or Random Number Generator. Computers or programs to be more specific run off codes. Codes built to create and outline a system so when a event is triggered it has process or procedures to follow and cannot fray or alter from it's path as it's forced let's just say to follow program protocol/ procedures. Anything Random is called anomaly or anomalies detected. When programmer analyzes data they then can determine which codes need more buffering enhancing reducing ect to counter said anamoly happening again. Hence fixing glitches and so forth. Do you honestly think it's coincidence that the best players in the game also happen to have helped create it...hmmm? How every Mon on their account has fully upgraded to the max every best possible stat with spd subs at best 100 percent max. Hmmm? I've been active over 8 years not one single rune has nor ever will roll that. All the guardians never post in reviews because it shows how pointless it is to play as you'll never in 100 years be on their level. Hence every single year since start of game it's the same exact world champions duking it out time and time again. So if your competive but have no money don't bother. Of you have money and are willing Com2us although openly denied will play ball with you for donations of around 10k yearly. And guess what guys rich arrogant little snobs have that and more to throw away at a whim. So of course Summoners war takes care of it's whales aka big spenders. It's a business morons. Business and like all business you take care of your biggest patrons as you want that flow of money to keep a flowing. Now that I've educated you with facts I guarantee you won't listen and DL it anyway see I'm right and be like fudge. And chat is by far the most toxic and unhealthy environment with account bashing and consistent harassment on any active channel. And yes I mean any. Don't forget I been with these a holes for 8 years but hey what do I know. There will be a Com2us warrior prepared to discount this evidence on any channel at anytime. Hmmm? Coincidence right???? Won't be surprised when one of these paid by Com2us warriors attempts to discredit this review. But as I have outlined facts he or she attempting to discredit this will simply look like an idiot. Do your own research again and watch you'll see my evidence presented here checks out and it's legit but hey what do I know I was only top ten in the nation of America on my Science Wassle. But again I must be just crazy. Companies don't lie to maximize profits right??? Political agendas are always upfront and honest with the communy right??? If we were all going to die they'd tell us before making themselves safe first right??? Bottom line is were their food and entertainment until you all wake the heck up. But alas 90 or more percent are addicted to being led around like sheep being herded and as intelligence is their greatest fear spreading lies and false truths make it easier to control your every thought and belief. But again your sheep so back to being sheep you. To the one or less percent that actually wakes up it's time to end this bull

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