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Super Slime Blitz - Gumball Endless Arcade Climber isn’t for kids

I think Super Slime Blitz - Gumball Endless Arcade Climber is an amazing movie but its not for kids because of questionable scenes here. Gumball and Darwin are on the computer and then, both of the boys had an idea which is that they were going to show his friends what they call "lesbian porn" and Darwin tells Gumball if he was really sure if he will show it to people. Then, a famous reality star, Tila Tequila breaks into their house and tells them about they were about to show and then, they started lying that it was nothing then, Tila Tequila says thay she would take over Elmore if they would leak the video to their friends. The boys agreed to send the video but without Tila Tequila taking over Elmore and they did it anyways and then, Tila Tequila finds out and she tried to take over Elmore to be known as "The Queen Of Elmore". Then, Charli D'Amelio arrives to Elmore and she did see the video and she ended getting the powers from the Supernoobs which was the power of green slime and climbs to every Elmore house to host a Nickelodeon live host show which could be a sign of product placement and she said that she would host the show for as long as she lives in a arcade room in Chuck E Cheese. Super Slime Blitz - Gumball Endless Arcade Climber is not a kids movie and i dont recommend it for anyone under the age of 14. (note: please do not take this review very seriously, this is a joke just like my other reviews).
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super slime simulator review

I still like super slime blitz more than super slime simulator but most of the time I play super slime blitz
age 7+

pretty cool. very easy.

I love The amazing world of gumball, so I'd thought I'd give this game a try. It's pretty entertaining, and I like all the characters from the gumball universe. It was pretty easy to beat though, and soon I had bought every character, boost, and power up, But I did enjoy playing it at first.

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