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Kid, 12 years old August 3, 2013


A really fun game that falls a bit short because of repetitiveness.
Teen, 14 years old Written byRouge Leader September 28, 2012

Great for a mobile game!

Simply put, this game is amazing. While it can be closely compared to The Amazing Spider Man, I think this one is better, even on A4 iOS devices which have to run a lower quality type of the game. Beside the good performance, the game has bad combat, very animated (doesn't feel controlled so much as cued) and is very repetitive. These things aside, comes the games strong points. It is very fun, because it has a wide-open exporible Gotham City. Your ability to glide, and your grapple gun make a fun experience, and if that's not enough, you get to drive that Batmobile and Bat Pod (motercycle version), and I can't prove this for myself, but I've heard things of a jet-like vehicle. These things said, this game is much darker than spider man (hostage shootings, on-screen police deaths). The combat is also somewhat brutal. The final verdict is that this is a great game, but should be given to kids over 10. As of 9-28-12 the game is on sale on the App Store for 99¢.
What other families should know
Great role models
Too much sex
Too much consumerism
Teen, 15 years old Written bythedog123 April 11, 2013

not ideal for kids

violence in the game play but its very fun. Its slow because you unlock vehicles in the game. It was not intended for learning. there may be some reference to drugs but they slip it in as you have to play the mission over again to hear or see it. mild language like d*mn it and so forth
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking