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Hitman III

By Chad Sapieha, Common Sense Media Reviewer

age 18+

Trilogy finale doubles down on deception and bloody murder.

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A Lot or a Little?

What you will—and won't—find in this game.

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A great game with the wrong rating

Hitman 3 is the finale of the world of assasination trilogy and it knocks it out of the park (with the exception of one certain epilogue that will go nameless that stupidly took up a spot in the 6 map lineup). It’s a great game. Now, when you hear a title like hitman 3, I’m sure it sets off some red flags in your head, but this title is kinda misleading. Now don’t get me wrong, it is a game about killing, but it’s not your standard call of duty shooter, in fact it isn’t a shooter at all, it’s a puzzle game. In the game you play as an agent of a top secret organization called the ICA, the ICA’s job is to dispatch of people on behalf of clients, now, you don’t go killing random people, you’re strictly killing bad guy’s, over the top bond like bad guy’s (now keep this comparison to the bond franchise in mind, I’ll bring it up later). You play as the iconic character agent 47 (red tie and all), you work with your handler Diana Burnwoord to kill these over the top villainy villians, untill… well… I don’t want to spoil the game for you… Anyway, you travel to exotic international locations to kill your targets, you go to places like a giant gold tower above the clouds in dubai, the rainy neon streets of China where you’ll find some shady business dealings going on, a seedy busting nightclub in Berlin, or a wine vineyard in Argentina, and much much more, these locations are gorgeous, they are these big detailed open maps that you are let into to dispatch of your targets as creatively as possible. These maps also have some really cool concepts attached to them, for example, you travel to a manor on the English countryside where a murder has taken place (not by you), your job in this map is to solve the murder and to find your target, this mission is really cool and creative. In this game you have to use your brain to dispatch of your targets, you can’t just run up to your target and shoot him/her/they, if you do that you’ll immediately get gunned down by guards, you die real quick in this game, instead you have to plot your own perfect crime, you have to peice together enviormental details, npc conversations, different npc schedules, all sorts of stuff, when people say this game has educational value that’s what they’re talking about, this game really requires you to think. Now, lets get to what your here for. Let’s talk about the rating of this game, it is rated M for blood, language, and substances. •The blood/Violence. The blood is very tame, almost non existent, you actively have to go out of your way to look for it, plus, this game is special, where you are heavily punished for killing non targets (I know you saw in the trailer common sense listed on the page, that the character was going around shooting people, this is very misleading), you loose points for killing non targets, these points are used to unlock new weapons, starting locations, outfits, and tools, loosing points is frustrating, trust me. The violence in this game is also pretty tame, kills in this game aren’t as gruesome as you might think, in fact they are usually really silly, for example, in the dubai map, you can dispatch of a target who is about to go skydiving by tampering with his parachute, you can already tell how its gonna go, it’s all topped of by a cheesy one liner by the straight faced agent 47. Most of the kills in this game are like this, largely bloodless and silly. Another thing to note is how darkly hilarious this game is, some of these kills man, this game has an amazing silly sense of dark humor. • For the language, it is very far and in between, in fact it’s almost non existent, I only heard one F-bomb in the entire game, in a game with nearly 25 hours worth of gameplay content, think about it. Pg-13 movies are allowed to say 2 F bombs, I only heard one in my total of 30 hours playing the game (yes I know, that’s alot, I have alot of time on my hands when the kids are busy). Now, I did hear some sh-ts and some hells, but as stated before, Pg-13 movies can say and do alot worse, for example, the Marvel movies have sh-ts and hells galore. •For substances, it’s all social drinking, Npc’s in crowds will be slowly sipping a glass of wine, no one is getting drunk or going crazy, it’s really quite tame. Conclusion, if this game were a movie it would be pg-13, the only reason this game is rated M is for the language, and even that is basically non existent (except for the one F-bomb I heard). It’s very comparable to the Danial Creig Bond movies, if your kids can watch those movies, they can easily play this game. Dont listen to commen sense media’s review, their ratings tend to be very over exaggerated and conservative. Plus this game has some good educational value. I hope this review helped you make your decision. Have a great rest of your day, thank you.
age 13+

Now I know what your thinking when you look at the name "Hitman 3" , oh dear I can't let my son/daughter/other play this game, It sounds much too violent, but as a father of 3 (two are 12 and the other is 13) my kids really enjoy playing this game and so do I ! When my youngest asked me if we could get this game for his birthday I was skeptical at first but when I looked into it (and I did a very thorough look like I always do) it turns out that its not such an inappropriate game after all. For example, no nudity, very very mild swearing and second to none use of tobacco. Also it's worth noting that you can turn off features like blood and tobacco for a 10+ experience. Overall great game. I would recommend it if your child is 13 or above!

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Older gamers who enjoyed the first two games in this trilogy should have little reason to complain about this one. While nothing will be the same for Agent 47, his allies, or the organizations he's targeting by the end of Hitman III, much of what's done is rooted in the proven mechanics and strategies of its predecessors. Good players will exhibit patience, a willingness to listen to random conversations to discover valuable intel, and the ability to detect and quickly take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. Much of the fun comes from replaying missions, using what you already know to be a smarter, more efficient assassin while discovering additional storytelling tidbits. A lot of enjoyment also comes from simply exploring the game's beautiful and expertly crafted environments, such as a regal old mansion whose ornate halls and rooms are filled with secret passages and long hidden family secrets. Players lucky enough to play on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S will have the added benefit of enhanced resolution, superior frame rates, and terrific lighting and reflection effects that make these stunningly designed levels feel even more realistic.

That said, there are some things that could have been tweaked. Agent 47's environment traversal abilities -- vaulting over railings, walking along ledges, taking cover, climbing up and down pipes -- feel somewhat clunky, and lack the smooth movements for similar actions found in other games. And figuring out whether you're in view of a guard or bystander when you want to do something that might arouse attention can still be a crapshoot, requiring frequent saves if you think there's a chance you could get caught. But these are fairly minor quibbles. Hitman III, like its two predecessors, feels distinct from other stealth action games in the way it strives both for maximum realism and memorable scenarios. If you're looking for something that rewards brains over brawn, this might be the ticket.

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