Babymouse Series Book Poster Image

These irresistible graphic novels about the lovable Babymouse and her world are great for beginning readers. The illustrations and story fit perfectly together, and there are positive lessons throughout, especially about staying upbeat.

Clementine Book Poster Image

Sara Pennypacker's funny, precocious third-grader hooks readers the way other kid-lit free thinkers like Ramona Quimby and Pippi Longstocking do. Kids will laugh and gasp at Clementine's antics, but fear not -- she always lands on her feet.

Pippi Longstocking Book Poster Image

Generations have been fascinated by the free-spirited, unparented little girl who shakes up the humdrum lives of neighbor kids Tommy and Annika. Pippi invites kids to question authority, become "thing finders," and use their imagination.

Ramona the Pest Book Poster Image

Few writers can touch Beverly Cleary's smart, honest, but warm portrayals of family life. In this classic, dear, exasperating Ramona Quimby (star of eight books) starts kindergarten. The laughs start when her teacher says, "Sit here for the present."

Flora & Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures Book Poster Image

After rescuing a squirrel from a vacuum-cleaner mishap and naming him Ulysses, young Flora's thrilled to learn he's acquired superpowers. The two become instant soulmates, but their relationship is complicated by the fact that her mom wants to kill him. A funny story of a little cynic who opens up.


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Common Sense Tips

  • Graphic novels can help transition kids into chapter books -- and the vivid illustrations can really get kids hooked on books.
  • You may not love it, but silly stuff and even bathroom humor can coax reluctant readers to keep at it.