15 Awesome Family Shows That Deserve a Remake

Everything old is new again; at least, that's what the current onslaught of reboots would have us believe. From Fuller House to new versions of Teletubbies, Duck Tales, Inspector Gadget, and more, reboots rule the screen. Here are a handful of shows we think it'd be fun to see in fresh incarnations. Some just didn't get enough time on air, while others ran for ages but were so good we demand more, and some dated ideas could be revived by a contemporary spin. So start your imaginations: Who would play Jo and Blair in your The Facts of Life reboot?

Pinky and the Brain Poster Image

Pinky and the Brain

age 6+

Clever toon is great fun for both kids and adults.

Network: Toon Disney (1995)
Eerie, Indiana Poster Image

Eerie, Indiana

age 7+

Short-lived '90s series is more fun than frightful.

Network: Hulu (1991)
Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre Poster Image

Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre

age 7+

Superb classic still entertains, but know your kid.

Network: Online (1982)
The Tick Poster Image

The Tick

age 7+

Superhero spoof works for kids and adults.

Network: Toon Disney (2001)
ALF Poster Image


age 8+

Broad '80s sitcom boasts sci-fi elements and sarcasm.

Network: Discovery Family Channel (1986)
All That Poster Image

All That

age 8+

Funny '90s sketch comedy can spark discussion with tweens.

Network: Nickelodeon (1994)
Clarissa Explains It All Poster Image

Clarissa Explains It All

age 8+

Fun '90s show deals thoughtfully with coming-of-age issues.

Network: Nickelodeon (1991)
Who's the Boss? Poster Image

Who's the Boss?

age 8+

Classic '80s sitcom about a blended family.

Network: Nickelodeon (1984)
Perfect Strangers Poster Image

Perfect Strangers

age 10+

Cultures clash in upbeat, slapstick '80s classic.

Network: ION, Syndicated (1986)
Silver Spoons Poster Image

Silver Spoons

age 10+

Cute '80s comedy sometimes touches on serious issues.

Network: NBC, Syndicated (1982)
The Facts of Life Poster Image

The Facts of Life

age 11+

Wholesome '80s coming-of-age sitcom tackles serious issues.

Network: NBC (1979)
Quantum Leap Poster Image

Quantum Leap

age 12+

Classic sci-fi series hops and skips through time.

Network: Syfy (1989)
Cheers Poster Image


age 13+

Laughs are on tap in this classic sitcom.

Network: Syndicated, TV Land (1982)
Freaks and Geeks Poster Image

Freaks and Geeks

age 14+

Stellar teen dramedy explores angst, experimentation.

Network: Syndicated (1999)
My So-Called Life Poster Image

My So-Called Life

age 14+

Mature teen angst at its best.

Network: TeenNick (1994)
Pushing Daisies Poster Image

Pushing Daisies

age 14+

Quirky drama mixes murder, fantasy, romance.

Network: ABC (2007)