Best Math Games for 7th Grade

As kids start to look toward high school, it's important that their math skills are in the best shape possible. Whether they need some remediation, extra practice, or additional challenge, this list of learning apps has you covered. From abstract concepts to nitty-gritty procedures, these apps and sites let kids play games, watch instructional videos, and target specific skills. When they need some fresh choices, show them our list of math apps and STEM-related media.

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Desmos Graphing Calculator Poster Image

Desmos Graphing Calculator

age 13+

Advanced graphing calculator includes powerful features.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , Android , Chromebook (2016)
Math 42 Poster Image

Math 42

age 13+

Incredible step-by-step solving and quizzing tool.

Devices: Android (2016)
Algebra Touch Poster Image

Algebra Touch

age 13+

Rearrange, solve polynomials for procedural understanding.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , Windows app (2015)