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Best Soccer Movies

Looking to score with young movie lovers? This list of our favorite soccer movies has something for everyone who likes kicking a ball around -- from animal lovers to chick flick fans.

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Air Bud: World Pup Movie Poster Image
Wholesome, endearing dog movie will delight grade schoolers.
On DVD/Streaming
(Release Year: 2000)
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Shaolin Soccer Movie Poster Image
Nontraditional underdog sports team story has violence.
On DVD/Streaming
(Release Year: 2004)
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Goal! The Dream Begins Movie Poster Image
Soccer + melodrama. Older tweens and up.
On DVD/Streaming
(Release Year: 2006)
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Bend It Like Beckham Movie Poster Image
Superb tale of a girl's struggle for her dreams.
On DVD/Streaming
(Release Year: 2003)
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Gracie Movie Poster Image
Gritty girl soccer drama with a powerful message.
On DVD/Streaming
(Release Year: 2007)
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Next Goal Wins Movie Poster Image
Captivating, moving sports docu; some swearing.
On DVD/Streaming
(Release Year: 2014)
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