Books to Help Kids and Tweens Understand the Importance of Consent

We've seen social and institutional changes related to sexual assault, sexual harassment, and consent gain traction in popular culture, across various industries, and on high school and college campuses. But kids and tweens also deserve access to age-appropriate information about important topics like body autonomy, boundaries, and consent. More and more books are being written specifically for kids and tweens that can support educators and caregivers in having these critical conversations. The picture books, practical guides, and middle-grade novels on this list were selected to engage and educate. They'll help kids learn to protect themselves as they grow up, seek help when needed, and inspire them to be a part of creating a safer world for everyone. For more great books to help kids grow up strong, see our lists Growing Up Queer: Thoughtful Books About LGBTQ+ Youth and Shafia Zaloom's Picks: Sex Ed Books for Kids. And for books about consent for older teens, check out Books to Help Teens Understand the Importance of Consent.

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Can I Give You a Squish? book cover: A kid merperson, a dolphin, an octopus, a crab, and a puffer fish in an underwater sea scene

Can I Give You a Squish?

age 3+

Sweet undersea tale gently models consent for young kids.

By: Emily Neilson (2020)
Yes! No! A First Conversation About Consent book cover: Kids with different skin tones are shown surrounding a speech bubble with the words "yes! no!"

Yes! No! A First Conversation About Consent

age 3+

Picture book gives young kids tools for discussing consent.

Don't Touch My Hair! Poster Image

Don't Touch My Hair!

age 4+

Girl speaks up, sets boundaries in funny picture book.

By: Sharee Miller (2019)
Rissy No Kissies book cover: Green and yellow bird with an orange beak

Rissy No Kissies

age 4+

Sweet read-aloud story models consent and communication.

By: Katey Howes (2021)
Consent (for Kids!) book cover: Smiling stick figure wearing a golden crown and cape

Consent (for Kids!): Boundaries, Respect, and Being in Charge of YOU

age 5+

Outstandingly clear, humorous talk of consent, boundaries.

By: Rachel Brian (2020)
Growing Up Powerful book cover: Colorful illustration of three girls with different skin and hair colors, one with a hearing aid, all smiling and dancing

Growing Up Powerful

age 8+

Invaluable for helping girls become empowered teens.

By: Rebel Girls (2023)
Chirp Poster Image


age 10+

Girl finds voice to call out harassment in triumphant tale.

By: Kate Messner (2020)
Fighting Words Poster Image

Fighting Words

age 11+

Powerful, moving story of 10-year-old recovering from abuse.

How to Be a Girl in the World Poster Image

How to Be a Girl in the World

age 11+

Engaging coming-of-ager tackles sexual harassment of tween.

By: Caela Carter (2020)
Welcome to Consent Book Cover: Title written in large text above illustrations of a White hand giving a thumbs up and a brown hand giving a thumbs down

Welcome to Consent

age 11+

Impressively comprehensive guide covers nuances of consent.