Fact-Checking Tools for Teens and Tweens

There's been a heightened focus on the media since the 2016 election, especially with claims of "fake news" being thrown around by candidates and pundits. But how do you know if you're reading a credible news source or a website that's been compromised by a partisan agenda? Or even just satirical news that's gone viral? That's where fact-checking comes in. Sites that let kids verify the information they see in news stories, videos, and other sources are crucial to separate fact from fiction. To get a snapshot of some of these sites, check out this video. For links to other sources, check out this list for the Best News Sources for Kids.

Browse Fact-Checking Tools for Teens and Tweens

OpenSecrets.org Website Poster Image
Visuals, snappy text explain political spending details.
URL: https://www.opensecrets.org
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FactCheck.org Website Poster Image
Excellent, unbiased political site goes in deep.
URL: http://www.factcheck.org
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PolitiFact Website Poster Image
Find out who's telling the truth in politics.
URL: http://www.politifact.com/
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Poynter Website Poster Image
News-analysis site focuses on accuracy, truth in stories.
URL: http://www.poynter.org
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Snopes Website Poster Image
Gruesome tales abound on this debunker of urban myths.
URL: http://www.snopes.com
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