Kids' Books About 9/11

Kids curious about what happened during and after the 9/11 terrorist attacks can check out our list of kids' books for various ages, from picture books to tween novels, that describe or touch on the tragic events of that day. These compelling stories show the extraordinary heroism of ordinary people. And one celebrates the towers before they fell, when one man dared to walk between them on a tightrope.

Browse Kids' Books About 9/11

A man's daring stunt atop the World Trade Center towers.
By Mordecai Gerstein
An old New York fireboat offers heroic help on 9/11.
By Maira Kalman
Frank picture book account of 9/11 best for older readers.
By Don Brown
Life and 9/11 through lens of 11-year-old Afghan immigrant.
By N. H. Senzai
Boy loses dad in 9/11, then faces school bullies.
By Francine Prose
Time-traveling thriller puts three teens in NYC on 9/11.
By Alex Scarrow

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