Kindergarten Books

Kindergarten is all about getting kids ready for elementary school. But how do you get your kids ready for kindergarten? These books can help ease first-day-of-school jitters by showing kids the lay of the land -- classroom, cubbies, and playground. They'll be reassured as they see kids, animal characters, or even monsters having fun, making new friends, and returning home to share all they've learned. 

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Sneezy panda conquers fitting-in fears in reassuring tale.
By Neil Gaiman
George makes school silly and fun.
By Margret Rey, H. A. Rey
Kindergarten jitters flipped in cute story of mom at school.
By Maureen Fergus, Mike Lowery
Bird's first day at human school is good, silly fun.
By Roz Chast
Calms first-day-of-kindergarten fears.
By Joseph Slate
Warm book guides preschoolers through kindergarten nerves.
By Marc Brown
Monsters lead way in reassuring first-day-of-school romp.
By Mike Austin
The New Bear at School Book Poster Image
Cuddly bear tale about fitting in at a new school.
By Carrie Weston
Playful rhyming story for jittery new students.
By Tony Johnston
Space mission a fun metaphor for starting kindergarten.
By Sue Ganz-Schmitt
Funny look at overcoming first-day-of-school jitters.
By Ylleya Fields
Start-of-school story with clever twist helps soothe fears.
By Adam Rex

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