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Shows for Fans of Pretty Little Liars

Plenty of teens love the mystery, intrigue, and drama of Pretty Little Liars. Parents? Not so much. If you're looking to get your teen hooked on something similar -- but a little less backstabby -- check out our list of alternatives. Some of these shows have teen drama in spades (My Mad Fat Diary), others are filled with binge-worthy murder mysteries (Ugly Betty), and a few have a little of both (Veronica Mars). All show teens supporting each other through challenges. In fact, teen viewers may see their own issues played out a little more realistically than on Liars.

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Supergirl Poster Image


age 11+

Strong female lead shoulders the weight of superhero series.

Network: CBS (2015)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Poster Image

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

age 13+

Teen vampire series has female role model; sex, violence.

Network: FX (1997)
Degrassi: Next Class Poster Image

Degrassi: Next Class

age 13+

An edgier Degrassi for the digital age still has heart.

Network: Netflix (2016)
Ugly Betty Poster Image

Ugly Betty

age 13+

Underdog heroine is a model of charm and appeal.

Network: ABC , Syndicated (2006)
Degrassi Poster Image


age 14+

Superb, socially conscious drama deals with tough issues.

Network: TeenNick (2001)
Freaks and Geeks Poster Image

Freaks and Geeks

age 14+

Stellar teen dramedy explores angst, experimentation.

Network: Syndicated (1999)
Friday Night Lights Poster Image

Friday Night Lights

age 14+

Poignant football drama scores; OK for teens.

Network: Freeform , NBC (2006)
Gilmore Girls Poster Image

Gilmore Girls

age 13+

Fun coming-of-age drama that's great for teens.

Network: Freeform , CW (2000)
East Los High Poster Image

East Los High

age 15+

Edgy Latino teen soap raises timely issues in sensitive way.

Network: Hulu (2013)
My Mad Fat Diary Poster Image

My Mad Fat Diary

age 15+

Edgy but heartfelt British coming-of-age tale wows.

Network: Hulu (2015)
Veronica Mars Poster Image

Veronica Mars

age 15+

Strong female teen private eye digs into serious topics.

Network: CW (2004)