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TV That Promotes Humility

Developing character strengths and life skills is essential to kids' overall growth and success. These TV shows help kids learn the value of understanding that no one is "better" than anybody else. The character strength of humility surfaces in these shows by being intrinsic to the story and being repeated several times in the actions of a lead character, and it "wins" over character flaws such as excessive pride. (See even more movies and TV shows that promote humility.)

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Guillermina and Candelario Poster Image

Guillermina and Candelario

age 4+

Siblings learn to respect nature, elders, and culture.

Network: Starz (2010)
Phineas and Ferb Poster Image

Phineas and Ferb

age 5+

Duo's over-the-top schemes are fun for kids.

Network: Disney XD (2007)
Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series Poster Image

Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series

age 6+

Cartoon Anne of Green Gables is sweet, with worthy lessons.

Network: PBS , qubo (2001)
Bad Hair Day Poster Image

Bad Hair Day

age 6+

Endearing buddy comedy with positive, empowering message.

Network: Disney Channel (2015)
Rugrats Poster Image


age 6+

Babies go adventuring in this Nick favorite.

Network: Nickelodeon (1991)
Happy Days Poster Image

Happy Days

age 7+

Aaaaay! Classic feel-good sitcom is hokey but fun.

Little House on the Prairie Poster Image

Little House on the Prairie

age 7+

Classic pioneer drama is one for the books.

Network: Hallmark Channel , Syndicated (1974)
Road to Avonlea Poster Image

Road to Avonlea

age 7+

Sweet tales of small-town life are uplifting for families.

Network: Disney Channel (1990)
The Waltons Poster Image

The Waltons

age 7+

Beloved '70s family classic continues to win fans.

Network: Hallmark Channel , Syndicated (1972)
Marvel's Hero Project Poster Image

Marvel's Hero Project

age 10+

Marvel celebrates the young superheroes walking among us.

Network: Disney+ (2019)
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Poster Image

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

age 11+

Good-natured sitcom that the family can enjoy together.

Network: Nickelodeon , Syndicated , TeenNick (1990)
All in the Family Poster Image

All in the Family

age 12+

Landmark '70s sitcom lightens bias with humor.

Network: Syndicated , TV Land (1971)
King of the Hill Poster Image

King of the Hill

age 13+

Wickedly funny at times, but not for all tastes.

Network: Fox , FX , Syndicated (1997)
MARS Poster Image


age 13+

Outstanding Mars mission series has suspenseful moments.

Network: National Geographic Channel (2016)
Modern Family Poster Image

Modern Family

age 13+

Poignant comedy series has mature content, stereotypes.

Network: ABC (2009)
Northern Exposure Poster Image

Northern Exposure

age 13+

Quirky '90s comedy captures diversity of small-town life.

Network: CBS (1990)
Ally McBeal Poster Image

Ally McBeal

age 14+

Quirky '90s legal dramedy features a flawed female lead.

Network: Syndicated (1997)
First Responders Live Poster Image

First Responders Live

age 14+

Courageous workers star in sometimes violent reality show.

Network: Fox (2019)
The West Wing Poster Image

The West Wing

age 15+

Intelligent political drama for mature viewers.

Network: NBC (1999)