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Parents' Guide to

28 Days Later

By Nell Minow, Common Sense Media Reviewer

age 18+

Viral apocalypse, zombies, and terror. For adults.

Movie R 2003 108 minutes
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A Lot or a Little?

What you will—and won't—find in this movie.

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age 14+

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age 18+

NOT FOR ANYONE UNDER 18!!!!!!!!!!!

READ THIS!!! Ok so for all you parents out there, a lot of these parent and kid reviews are simply outrageous. This movie is not for anyone under the age of 18. There are scenes with full frontal male nudity. Like everything. And then a bit later you can see his bare backside. There are extremely dark themes and mentions of rape, suicide. and a hell of a lot of violence. There is more cussing than i have ever heard in any movie the F word might have been used like 69 times. Personally i love this movie but for god sake, these people who are saying for anything younger than 16, liek 10+, should not have kids because anyone who shows this film to anyone younger than the age of 18/17 is mental. I am not a parent but infact a teen, and i am only commenting as an adult because kid reviews dont get much views and it is important that people see this and know exactly what this movie is like.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
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age 14+

Brilliantly horrifying and relevant thriller is full of strong violence and mature content

28 Days Later (2002) follows a man suddenly awoken in the aftermath of an apocalypse where a virus called “rage” was unleashed. While many may assume this to be a zombie film, in many ways it is not. Most of, if not more than 3/4ths of the violence is against humans and it is all very realistic, abrupt and graphic but not over the top and disgusting. There is also lots of language, scenes with non-sexual nudity and scenes with strong threat of rape and sexual violence which does not happen fully. VIOLENCE: SEVERE There is loads of strong violence throughout this film against humans and zombie-like humans. During these scenes, the erratic and extremely fast paced movements of the camera brutalizes it instead of shying away from detail. Dead bodies of people and zombies are shown strewn around throughout the film with visible blood. The film opens with abrupt distressing footage of a woman who appears to be holding a dead baby, a man being beaten while hung from some sort of wire, a man hung from a noose by his neck while being viscously beaten by a crowd with chairs and being punched around. People are shown flailing around on fire, wailing in agony and rioting with shields and massive crowds. The footage is extremely realistic, if not real, and very distressing. An ape is shown with his organs exposed along with many others being experimented on in different ways. The scene is quite sad. During an extremely fast paced sequence, a woman is attacked by a raging chimpanzee. He bites at her neck before another man runs up and beats it with a blunt object. The woman then suddenly turns around and vomits blood all over the floor before spitting and flinging the blood all over another man’s face. The infected raging woman then attacks another man and it is implied they are all massacred and killed off camera. Countless people are shown dead in a church. The image is very eerie as there are far too many to count. Zombies then raise up from the crowd. Multiple zombies are exploded around a gas station and are shown flailing around on fire. A man and a woman are shown laying in bed dead with a note to their son on it reading “don’t wake up”. A zombie lunges at a man before a woman takes a machete and violently slashes at his neck while a man stabs the zombie multiple times in the scuffle. Lots of blood is shown. A man, suspected to be infected, is suddenly and brutally hacked and slashed to death with a machete while screaming in pain. First his arm is graphically hacked off in detail, yet shown in quickly cutting shots with loads of splattering and splashing blood before he is fatally hacked with blood splattering all over the wall and the woman having to forcefully rip the machete out. Blood splatters all over the wall throughout the scene. This is one of the most unexpectedly graphic and strongly brutal scenes in the film. Two zombies are killed, one by being hacked and stabbed to death and the other by being thrown down a stairwell and slamming onto the floor. People are seen disturbingly lying dead on the streets with bodies covering floors like mats and limbs seen hanging off of broken street. A mother and a dead baby are shown lying on the floor of a supermarket next to many other dead bodies. The dead baby is shown vividly in detail. A zombie child attacks a man in a supermarket. He holds the child onto the floor with his foot and slams him with his bat, killing him. A man is shot numerous times in the stomach and back with assault rifles as his daughter watches. Bloody bullet holes rip through his body even after he is down on the ground. Many zombies are gunned down and killed while running through fields, and at one point exploded with chunks of meat and flesh flying at the shooters on the other side of barbed wire. Two beaten and captive men are taken to a secluded location where countless bloody bodies are seen dumped for their execution. When one of the men puts a blade onto his gun to sadistically stab one of the men, the other interjects and shoots him in the head without question spraying blood. A man is beaten over the head with a lead pipe and killed. He is shown sitting in a car with a bloody wound on his head. A man shoots a zombie through the head causing its head to blast apart along with shooting two other zombies. Two women, one being a teen girl, are forced to dress nice by multiple male soldiers sexually. It is implied they will shortly be raped as they scream and struggle but are eventually saved. During an attack on a facility, a zombie is freed who runs through brutally murdering soldiers inside. First, a soldier is tackled to the ground and killed, another forcefully has his neck broken on the ground. A man is stabbed with a bayonet and is left standing with the gun stuck in his chest. He falls forward and dies. A man is attacked and eaten by multiple zombies after pleading for his life. In what is quite clearly the most brutal and graphic scene in the film, a man is tackled to the ground and viscously has his eyes gouged out. He screams in agony and writhes around while the man attacking him, covered in blood, has his fingers lodged into his eye sockets shown in extreme brutal detail. He is killed by this and the man killing him is covered in blood. A man is dragged out of a car by a zombie and is brutally killed by it while screaming in pain. LANGUAGE: SEVERE 49 uses of fuck, 7 uses of shit, around 4 or 5 uses of cunt, along with milder language like hell, damn, ass, bitch and other swears. The language is pretty strong. SEXUAL CONTEN/NUDITY: MODERATE A man’s penis is visible while laying in a hospital bed and standing up. It is shown quite extensively in the few moments but is not overly graphic or extreme in terms of nudity. A man’s buttocks are shown as he showers. A female zombies bare breasts are briefly visible as she runs at a man. It is revealed that two main protagonists, women, are at the threat of rape throughout the entire final act of the film as they are in a facility full of male soldiers seeking sexual favors. The soldiers grab at the two girls, one who is a minor, and at one point the two are forced to dress into “nicer” clothing while the soldiers watch. They struggle, but when one of the two women kiss a man they are left to change alone. It is during this they are caught trying to drug themselves to not feel the rape that may ensue, and then are grabbed and attacked, but not raped. They are rescued before anything happens, but verbal/sexual threats are used. DRUG USE: MILD Valium is used by a teen girl, an older woman and a man for fun. Nothing comes of this. A husband and wife are seen laying dead after eating pills to kill themselves. Some alcohol is shown. Drugs are used to likely prevent pain from a rape that is threatened to ensue, but nothing comes of this. 14+

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing

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Director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting) keeps the audience off-balance. Nightmarish quick cuts and digital video give the look of the movie a gritty, hallucinatory immediacy. Boyle also makes brilliant use of the empty artifacts, from the deserted London streets to a once-magnificent Gosford Park-style country house, now occupied by military, who eat rotting food around the table once used for glittering parties. Each character gets just one defining quality (idealistic Jim, tough Selena, stout-hearted Frank, ingenue Hannah), but that just adds to the sense of urgency -- we don't have time to get to know them, just as they don't have time to get to know one another.

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