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My Babysitter's a Vampire



Twilight parody is bloodier than usual Disney fare.
  • Review Date: June 13, 2011
  • Rated: PG
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Year: 2012
  • Running Time: 379 minutes

What parents need to know

Positive messages

Making good choices isn't a central element to the plot, but a teen girl stands up to strong peer pressure from a school clique, and two friends put themselves in harm's way to save the townspeople. On the downside, an unpopular girl welcomes her new powers for a feeling of strength, and a teen leader exacts revenge for (in his view) an old injustice by killing innocent people. The show gives an overall negative impression of teens, portraying most of them as gullible and susceptible to pop-culture crazes.

Positive role models

The lone parents are oblivious to their son's involvement in battling a vampire clan, but another adult gives the heroes guidance for their task. A teen does whatever he can to protect his little sister from harm, and another resists the pressure to join a school clique of vampires by drinking human blood. 


Violence is mostly implied, but there's plenty of it. Fanged vampires bite victims' necks and suck their blood, either (seemingly) killing them and stealing their souls or turning them into vampire fledglings. Lots of fist fights, kicking, and use of household objects (silverware, squirt guns filled with holy water) as weapons, as well as electrocution and stabbings (after one, a guy walks around with a fork protruding from his head), which evaporate the vamps' bodies completely. Most violent incidents are either obscured or viewers' attention is diverted elsewhere, so actual exposure to blood and gore is negligible, but the implications still exist.


A few kisses on screen, plus a few more implied out of the camera's view. In one, two teens emerge from a closet, with the girl looking rumpled, apparently from a make-out session that culminated in her being bitten. Teen boys call girls "babes" and talk about getting hickies. A girl calls a boy a "perv" when he opens the bathroom door to check on her.


Occasional use of "butt," "geek," "shut up," "farthead," and one instance of "ass."


One contextual reference to Wikipedia.

Drinking, drugs, & smoking

A girl mentions at a teen party that no one there is drinking, and a mom reminds her son to never try drugs.

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that there's plenty of violence in this Canadian-made TV movie (later made into a series), but most of it is obscured to the point that little actual blood is really seen. Fist fights, stabbings, and, in one scene, multiple vampire bites that presumably kill human victims and steal their souls are common fare, but little of the gore is actually visible to viewers. It's clear that the show isn’t out to push any positive lessons, but there's merit in the heroine's struggle to resist peer pressure, which is worth bringing to tweens' attention. Because there's a campy air to the series, underscored by its obvious parody of the Twilight movies, and the onscreen violence is minimized, it might be an OK alternative for some older tweens.

What's the story?

Ethan (Matthew Knight) is mortified when his parents insist on hiring his attractive classmate Sarah (Vanessa Morgan) to babysit for his younger sister, Jane (Ella Jonas Farlinger). But the evening turns out to be a memorable one when he discovers that Sarah is actually a fledgling vampire who's fighting the urge to feed, which would complete her transformation. Ethan and his best friend, Benny (Atticus Mitchell), learn that Sarah's ex-boyfriend, Jesse (Joe Dinicol), leads a den of vamps at the teens' school. Soon after, the three friends uncover the vampires' dark plot to get revenge on the town for what Jesse sees as a longstanding wrongdoing against his kind. But with some unexpected help and a few magical powers, the heroes set out to save the townspeople and eliminate Jesse for good.

Is it any good?


The unimpressive MY BABYSITTER'S A VAMPIRE is a Canadian-produced comedy/fantasy that taps into tweens' and teens' thirst (pun intended) for all things vampire. And for anyone even remotely familiar with the Twilight phenomenon, its teen-vamps-assimilating-into-high-school-life plot will sound a little trite. What's more, the substory follows the characters' obsession with a vamp-themed movie series called Dusk, clips from which are interspersed throughout the show to draw similarities between its story and the series' in a manner that spoofs both the Twilight plot and fans' affection for it.

Unoriginality aside, the series offers little that's noteworthy. The acting is strained (although its exaggerated style adds to the show's overall campiness), and the plot is unimpressive. On the plus side, there are some fleeting teaching moments to be found in Sarah's determination to stand up to the vampires' pressure to drink human blood and in offhand remarks that speak out against teen drinking and drug use. This series is too scary for young kids, and there's a lot of violence, but because it's got a certain campiness that lightens the mood and it obscures much of the biting and greatly limits the gore, it's probably OK for a slightly younger crowd than Twilight attracts.

Families can talk about...

  • Families can talk about peer pressure. In what ways does Sarah resist temptation? Why does she do it and others don't? How does peer pressure appear in your life?

  • Is it always easy to identify ill-meaning people around us? What dangers exist that are hard to see? How can you keep yourself safe?

  • Do you believe in the supernatural? Why do you think stories about vampires and werewolves are such a draw for kids? How does fantasy change our view of reality?

Movie details

DVD release date:May 22, 2012
Cast:Atticus Mitchell, Matthew Knight, Vanessa Morgan
Director:Bruce McDonald
Studio:Warner Home Video
Topics:Monsters, ghosts, and vampires
Run time:379 minutes
MPAA rating:PG

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Kid, 11 years old August 3, 2011

Parents - please read before you block this show or stop your kid(s) from watching it. Hope it helps.

Im 11 and, I know many kids my age like this show. I NEVER miss an episode. The show is not "evil" they fight the evil, they're not evil. Okay so i'm a christian, and its not "everything against god". They used holy water to get rid of bad spirits, and you thnk thats against god? It has nothing against god. I HATE Twilight but, LOVE this show. Honestly, i dont think it has to do alot with "Twilight", it has a vampire, so what? I think "The Boy Who Cried Werewolf" is more like a parody of "Twilight". Anyways, "My Babysitter's a Vampire" could be scary for someone under 9. Disney is getting too young for tweens and teens. No 10+ kid is gonna wanna watch "Good luck charlie" or "A.N.T Farm". (Apologies to any kid 11 or older that likes those shows, they are okay I guess.) Now that "Wizards of Waverly Place", "The Suite Life on Deck", and "Hannah Montannah" are all either ended or ending Disney needed a new hit show. Just so you know this is the only show that I rated five stars, So im not like the other kids my age that rate shows(everyone knows them, the ones with bad spelling and grammer and, either rate a show five stars or one star) I rated it five stars for a reason - ITS AMAZING. Yes, the fangs are not in the right place if they were in the K9's you wouldn't have been able to see them all the time. Some of the comedy is poor but, that is the only negative thing I have to say about this show. "My Babysitter's a Vampire" is the only show any kid will actually want to watch. Any kid or teen in middle school - high school would love this show. It's appropriate for mostly middle schoolers, to learn how to deal with life. I would recomend for mostly tweens, noone under 10. There is alot of violence. No drinking, alchol, drugs, or smoking use. It does mention "hickey", there is kissing. 36% of parents say sexual contact is an issue "really"? Theres kissing, so what, im pretty sure every other show on Disney has kissing. A girl comes out of a closet looking a mess after a make-out sene. A teen does call another a "perv". There was also talk about "hickeys" and "pueberty". Also a mention of hot girls being "plastic". 55% of parents say violence is an issue, duhh it warns about the violence, you think something that has to do with vampires wont have violence? Its rated PG so, if you didn't notice that its your fault. There is no foul launguage other than a mention of "ass", there is the little kid words like "shut up", "geek", "farthead", "butt" ect. Drugs are not a problem, a mother (Laura DeCarteret) reminds her son (Matthew Knight) no to use drugs. A girl at a teen party says "noone is drinking". I think "My Babysitter's a Vampire" sends positive messages and, has life lessons. Sarah (Vennasa Morgan) is a positive role model for any kid, the fact she risks temptations for blood and, studies even though she will be a vampire forever. The boys do "sweet talk" the girls and, call them babe. This amazing Canadian-made comedy includes *Matthew Knight*, *Vanessa Morgan* and, *Atticus Dean Mitchell*. Also *Kate Todd* and, *Cameron Kennody*. All the actors are extremely talented and experienced. It is my absolute favorite show and, I would definately recomend it to tweens and, teens. Probably around 10-16. For the parents that think this show is too violent just relax and, stop being over-protective, its not that bad and, if you dont want your kids to watch it then block it. Its not promoting violence. You parents(some not all) are over reacting, you have to relise that YOUR KIDS ARE GROWING UP. Your kids are transitioning into alittle violance and some slight "older" talk, such as talking about makeing-out and hickeys. All kids already know about that stuff, they just dont tell parents. The reason it has only 2 stars is becouse of the over-protective parents and their brainwashed soon to be over-protective kids saying its bad when its not. Its an amazing show, the graphics, the plot, the scenery,the whole story line and of course, the fantastic actors. Disney is just trying to reach out to all ages so instead of there "cute" 6-year old shows, they have an awesome tween-teen show. I'm happy that Disney is finally reaching out too a new audience. I LOVE the show and, want it to stay on air for a LONG time. It is a very well written, comedy with slight drama here and there. I knew "My Babysitter's a Vampire" would get alot of bad reviews just becouse its "different" then Disneys used to. This show is about two teenage boys, one is a seer(Matthew Knight), the other a sorcerer(Atticus Dean Mitchel), and their vampire babysitter(Vanessa Morgan), going through high school trying to fit in. Every episode involves a problem that ends up having a lesson at the end. Usually Benny's (Atticus Dean Mitchell) grandma (Joann Gregson) ends up saving the day, teaching kids to go to a grown up for help. I am glad Disney FINALLY made a break though with an ACTUAL GOOD SHOW. I know most parents are trying to protect your kids, and i get that but, getting over-protective wont help either.(Most parents that are over-protective end up having bad kids, when a kid is told it cant do something it will make them want to do it more and, do it behind your back.) I praise the parents that like this show and that are promoting it, you are true adults :)! It"s good to supervise your kids while watching there shows to see if its appropriate. Parents should let there kids explore new things on TV, and see what they have to see. I really want parents to please stop giving this completely amazing show bad reviews so they don't take it off the air. Parents and all adults please think about what was said here. I hope you all will take my word for it and, give the show a shot.;) My thanks too everyone that took their time too read this and put some thought into this and I hope adults will have a different attitude with this show when season 2 is released. I tried to use some things from negative responces to this show to show how its not that bad but if you disagree with anything I said please add it into your review casually like I did and I will see if i can change your mind/fix it. Thank you.
What other families should know
Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
Teen, 13 years old Written bycat317 July 10, 2011

It's fine.

This show is fine for tweens and young teenagers, because it's actually more realistic than Hannah Montana or this "ANT Farm" thing where everyone is famous or super advanced. I mean, I know clearly that vampires don't exist, but the situations are realistic. Sarah makes sure to not give in to peer pressure- a very good example, and also helps Erica get through tough times. Erica stands up to the mean cheerleader who made fun of her. And, also, the closest to sexual behavior is two characters kissing. Not making out- a small kiss.
What other families should know
Great role models
Teen, 13 years old Written byleftbehindcrazed8 June 26, 2011

sooooooooooooo bad for disney

Don't bother with this one. It's not the normal Disney Channel movie. This is filled with violence, making out, and (surprisingly for Disney) the a word. I can't believe Disney would show something so awful. And the series is just scary for kids!!! And for everyone saying it's so great and to lay off - I will NOT lay off! Disney has gone beyond in the wrong direction. Vampires, making out, mild language, and violence all packed in one. Yeah, sooooo great for kids, right? Christians like me especially shouldn't because it's everything against God. :'( That's the worst part. Please don't!
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing


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