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This Is the End

Language, drugs, death in very funny doomsday movie.
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  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Year: 2013
  • Running Time: 107 minutes

What parents need to know

Positive messages
Despite all the vulgar humor and bad behavior, the movie's point is for characters to learn how to be good. As they discover, simply being "nice" isn't good enough: They must consider others before they consider themselves. At the same time, two old friends learn to talk with each other and renew their failing friendship.
Positive role models
While the characters do eventually learn some worthwhile lessons, none of them are particularly positive role models. They all behave badly and selfishly throughout most of the movie. Moreover, since they're all famous actors playing (versions of) themselves, they may give younger viewers a misleading or unhealthy taste of what "fame" can be like -- i.e. parties, drugs, alcohol, mansions, etc.
"End of the world"-type violence, including some giant, rampaging monsters, cars crashing, etc. Many characters die. Characters are possessed by demons, crushed, stabbed, impaled, and/or shot. A man's head is ripped off and rolls around on the floor, spilling blood everywhere. Some humans become cannibals, though no flesh-eating is shown. When Emma Watson shows up later in the movie, the men have a talk about trying not to "rape" her, which comes out badly.
A porn magazine is briefly shown. A giant sculpture of a penis is shown, and some of the giant computer-generated monsters are shown with penises. Also heavy, constant sex talk and innuendo. A male character slaps a female character's behind in an early scene at a party. 

Language is extremely strong and constant -- mainly "f--k," but also "s--t," "c--t," "c--k," "p---y," "prick," "t-tty," "ass," "a--hole," "bitch," "bastard," "damn," "hell," "goddamn," "oh my God," and more.

Characters fight over the last Milky Way candy bar in existence, and when they finally eat it, they make breathless "yummy" noises. (It's a great ad.) Several other brand names are mentioned. Since the characters are playing themselves, many of their actual movie titles are mentioned.
Drinking, drugs, & smoking
The movie begins at a Hollywood party filled with drugs and alcohol. A character blows cocaine in someone else's face. Two main characters spend a day smoking pot at the beginning of the movie. After the apocalypse, the survivors take inventory, and most of what's left consists of pot and alcohol.

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that This Is the End is a comedy about the end of the world, focusing on a group of popular comedy actors (Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jay Baruchel, and many more) who try to survive inside a Hollywood mansion as fire ravages the land and giant monsters stalk outside. There's extreme language, with constant uses of "f--k" and just about every other word under the sun, as well as some gory violence, including fighting and killing. The party that begins the movie has heavy drug and alcohol use, and a porn magazine is briefly shown, as well as some penises on computer-generated monsters. Sexual talk/innuendo is frequent and strong. And there's some consumerism, too, with several brand names mentioned, most prominently a Milky Way candy bar. All of that said, for older teens and adults, the movie is very funny and has themes of redemption and friendship running underneath the crude, over-the-top stuff.

What's the story?

Seth Rogen picks up Jay Baruchel at the Los Angeles airport, hoping to show him a good time during his stay. They smoke some pot, play some video games, and then go to James Franco's house for a huge party. Franco, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, and other popular comedy actors are there. Jay seems uncomfortable and wants to leave, but suddenly, quakes rock the city, and blue lights beam down from the sky. Monsters start rampaging as flames lick the countryside. In Franco's house, the survivors try to make the best of their situation, but unfortunately, Danny McBride has crashed the party and is now making quick work of their provisions. If this is judgment day, can these actors learn to be good people before it's too late?

Is it any good?

This enjoyable comedy extravaganza is a remarkable mix of monsters, visual effects, vulgar humor, and feel-good optimism. Rogen and writer Evan Goldberg, who previously teamed up on the screenplays for Superbad, Pineapple Express, The Green Hornet, and The Watch, make their co-directing debut here. At first, the novelty of watching these actors play "themselves" is good fun in itself, but eventually they turn into truly interesting characters (and probably quite unlike their real selves).
As with other Rogen/Goldberg movies, this one eventually focuses on a "bromance," i.e. two guys' attempt to work past their differences and establish a lasting friendship. Amazingly, it's also about redemption and trying to become genuinely good people. Rogen and Goldberg successfully keep the jokes organic and flowing, escalating the stakes and the surprises throughout and creating a comedy for the ages in the process.

Families can talk about...

  • Families can talk about This Is the End's apocalyptic violence. How does it affect the movie's flow and tone?
  • How does the movie portray drinking and drug use? Are there any real-life consequences?

  • Is the movie scary? Are the monsters scary? What about the end of the world?
  • How close do you believe these characters are to the real-life actors? Why do you think they all opted to play versions of themselves?
  • Why are there so many movies about the end of the world? What makes that topic interesting and/or relevant?

Movie details

Theatrical release date:June 12, 2013
DVD/Streaming release date:October 1, 2013
Cast:James Franco, Jay Baruchel, Seth Rogen
Directors:Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen
Studios:Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures
Run time:107 minutes
MPAA rating:R
MPAA explanation:crude and sexual content throughout, brief graphic nudity, pervasive language, drug use and some violence

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Parent Written bymovie lover252423 June 15, 2013

Very good!

very funny! this would be for teens 13+
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Kid, 12 years old June 12, 2013

Great Hilarious Movie. Most Parents Would Probably Not Want Their Kid To See

This Is The End was laugh out loud hilarious! I loved it! It was entertaining and a fun ride. It was though VERY innappropiate. I mean it was nothing that I hadn't already learned from school. It didn't bother me. But you should know you're child before taking them to see this movie.There is TONS of drugs, like every drug you could think of they smoke or have in that movie. They're is pretty much only one very sexual scene in the beginning where two girls are in the bathroom with a guy where they show the guy's butt. But throughout the movie a porn magazine is shown briefly. Penises on fake monsters are shown but no human ones. Breasts and nipples are briefly shown. LANGUAGE!!! Tons! Every single cuss word you can think of is said at least once. And the F word/F bomb is used over 100 times in different ways, and i'm not exaggerating! Tons of violence and some scary scenes, a scene where a mans head gets chopped off and squirts blood, a scene where a man gets eaten by cannibals, a scene where a man has a exorcism. But in the end there is some positive messages. I really didn't mind anything in the movie. It was definetly not the worst movie I'd ever seen. I have already been exposed to everything in the movie before. I already knew about everything that happened, so it wasn't too innappropiate for me and I'm 12. But PAUSE! Know you're child! Many parents will definetly not want their child to see this movie, thinking that they don't want their kids to be exposed to these kinds of things, but then again I'm pretty sure ALOT of kids have already been exposed to things in this movie but they're parents don't know it... I saw this movie with my friend at the movies, and not with an adult. If I went into the theatre with my parents they definetly wouldn't let me finish the movie...but I already knew and learned about everything shown in the movie. Overall it was a really funny and really great film!
What other families should know
Great messages
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Teen, 16 years old Written bySean Broucek June 11, 2013

Hilarious, clever, violent, crude, and star-studded flick too mature for teens.

Parents, your kids and teens will be eager to watch this new star-studded violent comedy from the director of "Pineapple Express", but the sexual content and violence and language makes it best for adults. Violence is comical, but strong. There are explosions, many comedic deaths, bloody images, people possessed by demons, stabbings, crushed bones, characters impaled by large objects including telephone poles and flying debris, a scene where a man's head is ripped off and bloody spills all over the floor, fighting, arguments, and Emma Watson killing fellow actors for beer and cereal. The plot is not circled around sex, but has plently of it. There are references to rape, incest, sexual intercourse, anal and oral sex, constant sex talk, graphic nudity (female genitals, male bare bottoms, female bare breasts, nipples), and a porn magazine is briefly shown. There is casual drinking and drug use, but there are some intense and crude drug references. Violence and sex in this movie may be strong, bu the language is the worst. Includes s--t, p---y, c--t, c--k (and the related c--ksucker), c--t, b-tch, a--hole, t-ts, d--k, b-stard, and 171 uses of f--k (the most of any film made in 2013 so far). In the end, this clever, crude, comedic, violent movie is entertaining and brilliant, but way too mature for teens and kids. Adults only. Rated R For Some Strong Bloody Violence, Language Throughout, Crude Material & Sexuaity, Graphic Nudity & Drug And Alcohol Use.