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Flaw-fixing reality show could send teens mixed messages.
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Teen, 14 years old Written byEspumaMarina October 16, 2010

This show saddens me...

Oh come on! Like people need any more reasons to hate themselves! In the world we live in, there are either people with incredable low-selfesteam, and people with too HIGH self esteam. This show is not helping, I'm glad they want to 'help' these people be more confident, but they should be helping mentally, not pysicly. Personally, I think everyone is special in their own way, until they think so highly of themselves that they're total snobs about it. I understand how these people feel, but when I look at them when they enter this show, I have to say there was NOTHING wrong with them to begin with! I'm one of those girls with a horrbily low self esteam I admit. I feel stupid at times, hideious, fat, untalented....blah blah blah. (Which hopefully I'll grow out of that) but seriously people, you don't need to go to such desperate lenths to get people to find you attractive, you're FINE. If someone doesn't like you, thats THEIR loss. And what irritates me to the empth digree is that when people say "Beauty is on the inside" and "It's their loss if they don't like me" people will say "That's just what an ugly person would say!" -Who the hell asked you? (Sorry) I mean, lately its all about 'the look' to were you must be super skinny, have a gorgious face, have a dazzling heartmelting smile.. yah yah yah. NO! Hollywood NO! Bad message right there. People can't help the way they were born! So what if we don't all look like Kim Kardashion and Will Smith (Will rocks-by the way) We're UNIQUE. Nobody needs to turn into Barbie dolls because society is a bunch of nosy, judgy, complainy, vain, ignorent morons. My family constantly trys to make me look better by saying I need to change my hair style, I know its from the good of their hearts consittering they ALL look like super models, but I'm still growing into my head, and I'd perfur my hair down until my baby fat is gone... see, I don't want people to be like me. Express yourselves! .... I'm getting a little off topic. Anyway, I do get excited to see their makeovers, but I hate seeing them down on theirselves.