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I don't like the website. but you people have to read the age reccomendation. ITS FOR 5 YEAR OLDS! its not reccomended for ages 8 and up unless those 8 year olds are immature. I will share what my 5 year old cousin. thinks of it later. But its best to ask a parent if this 5 year old can see it. Some parents would say no because they dont want the kids to think that those idiotic characters actually cause things in nature. Personally I think the website is too fruity you should go on the website in a bright room. wARNING THE GAMES MAY GET OLD LATER.

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Too much consumerism
age 4+

Rainbow brite is boring!

Rainbow brite is a boring website all you do is print out papers and then colour them in.

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Too much consumerism
age 13+

i care

i think you should think before you do something and aslo no one is perfect

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Educational value
age 14+

A bad website

I don't think that this website is not good for children!
age 2+

Just Delete the Site ALREADY!

hate it. Kids dnt want to listen and read that stuff. The games get old and the reason I had that concern is because it says that the girl is ten, but they seem a bit...busty.

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Too much sex
Great messages