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age 5+

Good could be easier on the eye and ears

Nice one, but I find it too loud and screaming instead of talking. Bit more quieter and easier on the eye (without so many colors & movement) would make it much better
age 5+

Started good but then disappointing language

My 2 & 3 year old boys liked this show a lot but I was really disappointed in the “How many animals are there?” Episode that there is a spider who says, “I’m a frickin’ spider “ to me this is still inappropriate language especially for the target audience.

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Too much swearing
age 2+

What a great learning tool, my kids love it

This show is so wonderful. It takes kids through the fantasy world of a computer and also bringsome them in to the real world to get answers! I think they do this so well. The music alone is so great and creative that my kids can't stop watching the show. They learn multiple things while watching only one episode. So happy that this show is available to them. My kids are learning things they are curious about. Lastly the different personality of each story bot is a great way to connect with the kids. All in all, a fantastic family friendly and child oriented show that is very well put together!

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Great messages
age 7+


This show is very "loud" so to speak. The storybots quibble a lot and about silly stuff (silly by even a kid's standards) and seem to take forever to get to the answers we seek. I believe the show to be overstimulating in some areas and boring in others. It did not keep the attention of my 3y/o grandchild. I think the premise is pretty cool. Having seen the list of celebrity guests, I was really hoping both the grandkid and I could be equally entertained. Unfortunately neither of us were.