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Extreme horror game has gore, torture, birth of Antichrist.

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age 18+

This title has:

Too much violence
age 16+

Overwhelmingly horrifying game series has graphic mature content throughout

Outlast is a very hardcore game series, it’s graphic and uncensored content mixed with the relentless horror creates an undoubtedly genius, but heavy and mature game series. This parental review will serve for not only Outlast II, but the first game and it’s DLC “Outlast Whistleblower”, here I will break down the graphic content in detail. —————- Outlast —————— VIOLENCE: SEVERE The violence in the first game is very gruesome, gory and disturbing, but finds itself the mildest of the 3 games (dlc included) the violence includes: countless bloody and dismembered corpses everywhere with intestines, severed heads, limbs and any organs possible scattered and splattered on any possible environment. Corpses are shown twisted up and turned into disgusting and unbelievably horrifying creations of contorted limbs. All of the gore imaginable can be found around the game. Violent scenes include people having their heads torn off, a man being viscously stabbed with large, creepy scissors, the protagonist having 2 of his fingers sliced off individually with scissors causing him to vomit afterwards, a prisoner prisoner slam his head against a wall, a man is shown having sex with a corpse (see sexual content), a man is crushed in an elevator, a man is sliced up in a machine, the protagonist can have his head sliced off and other things at death, a man is shot from a first person perspective, killing him, a man crucifies himself and burns on a cross, your u is tossed around, smashed through windows, stomped, beaten, sliced, tortured and more. The violence goes on and on. LANGUAGE: SEVERE An estimated 40 or so uses of “f*ck” throughout, use of “sh*t”, “b*tch”, “wh*re”, “a**hole and others, a brief use of “c*nt” in a prison block which can be missed entirely, some sexual dialogue. The language is spread out along the story and is used pretty sparingly. Much less frequent than Outlast II and even Whistleblower. SEXUAL CONTENT: SEVERE Sexual content and nudity includes a scene where a man is shown having sex with a headless body, this is blink and you’ll miss it as it ends when you walk near it, but the view of this is very graphic. The man shown having sex with the corpse says “silky, silky, silky…” before getting up and yelling at the player. The player is threatened with sexual threats and comments, full male nudity is shown from 2 antagonists which chase and hunt you, their genitals are exposed fully. A man suggestively cleans a corpse while saying rather sexual things like, "There we go. We clean your belly, clean your arms. Every little crevice until we find that key. I know one of you babies has it. There we go, shhh, shhh.", a man is shown masturbating in front of a toilet, easy to miss and shown from a distance, on countless occasions, people are shown without pants on, but their shirts cover all nudity. A man is shown with his buttocks exposed from an apron, and so are some other people. The actual sexual content is very brief, but very disturbing. Overall: 15+ ————— Outlast: Whistleblower ————— VIOLENCE: SEVERE Just like the base game, all sorts of gore and organs, intestines and blood are splattered all over the map, your character is beaten to the ground, stabbed, and many other things. A man is strangled to death, a man is shown eating a corpse, people are heard killed with a buzzsaw, the player can be killed with a buzzsaw, a man is exploded causing blood to splatter all over you and limbs to go everywhere. In arguably the most graphic and disturbing scene in Outlast, even in streamline gaming history, the player enters a basement where you see a male corpse altered to be a man with its “vagina” ripped open with a human, male head placed inside of it, the corpse is also pregnant. Sickening and disturbing. The very next scene shows 2 inmates being brutally castrated and killing, the first has his crotch sliced open, but he bleeds out. The second has his stomach cut open and his crotch stabbed before having his head sawed open, killing him. The player is then put on a machine, fully nude, with a saw on the bottom used to cut off your genitals, however you just barely escape. Afterwards, hundreds of nude, altered bodies are shown hanging from the ceiling before the killer is graphically impaled by poles. LANGUAGE: SEVERE Use of "fuck," "shit," "bitch," "bastard," "damn," "hell, "Goddamn," "Jesus Christ," "crap," and others, possible brief use of “c*nt” SEXUAL CONTENT: SEVERE Sexual content and nudity is graphic throughout, nude people are shown being cut open and castrated (no genitals) the protagonists genitals and nude body is shown from a first person perspective for quite a long time, a man is shown masturbating over several dead bodies and limbs while moaning and saying suggestive lines like “come to daddy”, you see a male corpse altered to be a man with its “vagina” ripped open with a human, male head placed inside of it, the corpse is also pregnant. OVERALL: 16+ ————— Outlast II ————— VIOLENCE: SEVERE All throughout the game, we see countless bloody and dismembered corpses everywhere with intestines, severed heads, limbs and any organs possible scattered and splattered on any possible environment. Corpses are shown twisted up and turned into disgusting and unbelievably horrifying creations of contorted limbs. Yes, that was copied. We also see intestines string out, dead babies, and other things everywhere. In violent scenes, the protagonist is forced to watch a couple get violently murdered, the woman is strapped onto a table where her limbs are pulled so hard that all her arms and legs break, the man is stabbed with an axe. The protagonist is crucified, nails are hammered into his hands before he is put up, later he tears the nails from his hands in bloody detail, a man slots his throat spraying blood everywhere, the player can have his head, body and hands stabbed, his throat slit, impaled with a crucifix etc. and a woman is impaled with a pole. A woman is shown giving birth in graphic, up close and bloody detail. The violence and gore is relentlessly disturbing and frightening, some as ends shown blood pouring down halls, showers and other things. A young girl is shown hung throughout, and so are many other bodies. LANGUAGE: SEVERE Frequent use of “f*ck” and “sh*t”, around 5 or so uses of “c*nt”, 2 in dialogue and the rest in notes, use of “b*tch”, “pr*cks”, “son of a b*tch”, “wh*re”, “motherf*cker”, “a**hole” and other swears. An estimated 70-80 uses of “f*ck” based off of how frequently it’s heard in dialogue. SEXUAL CONTENT: MODERATE The sexual content is not as graphic as the first 2 games, but is relevant in one rather brief scene and in references. The nudity is quite graphic, corpses and some enemies have low detailed genitals, during one scene, a woman’s breasts and vagina are shown before sex (the sex is implied), a very graphic birthing scene at the end of the game depicts view of a woman’s vagina as she’s giving birth, this is very in your face. There is an orgy scene with skeleton-like characters which shows a few of them having sex, however this is very blurry as the player is drugged and the screen is distorted, blocking most graphic views of the scene, even without the distortion the scene is quite tame, because the sex (happening in the background) is easy to miss and no genitals are shown. After the scene, a fully nude woman climbs on top of the protagonist and quickly thrusts, however the scene quickly cuts and sex is only really implied. A pretty tame, but rather obscene scene. A main plot point is that a young girl commits suicide after being raped by a pastor at her catholic school, this is never shown but implied through dialogue. This is not graphic, but instead powerful and very sad, at a certain point she is heard screaming and crying off camera. OVERALL: 15+

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing

Game Details

  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One
  • Pricing structure: Paid
  • Available online?: Available online
  • Publisher: Red Barrels
  • Release date: April 25, 2017
  • Genre: Survival Horror
  • ESRB rating: M for Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, Sexual Content, Nudity, Strong Language
  • Last updated: May 1, 2017

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