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Violent story of vice and virtue not for kids.

Movie R 1995 179 minutes
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This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
age 16+

Phenomenal story of a rise and fall is not a movie for kids, and even most adults

Casino (1995) follows organized crime and its utilization of casinos seen from the perspective of two insiders. The film partially gives incredibly detailed insight on how this crime operates in such a business, and partially the story of its rise and fall. The film is full of brutal and sometimes disgusting depictions of violence, non-stop language, some tame sexual content and drug use. VIOLENCE: SEVERE This is one of the most violent and visceral mob films ever made, and that is an understatement. Although violence is rare throughout the film until its final minutes, it is extremely graphic and realistic sometimes to the point where it can even disgust the most desensitized viewers. A man is repeatedly stabbed in the neck with a pen with up-close shots of blood squirting out before he is then kicked and punched on the floor. He is heard whining in pain and begging. A man has his hand beaten and smashed in with a hammer numerous times. His hand breaks open with blood splashing and squirting out of the hole at the top of his hand and then pouring blood onto his wrist and arm. He is shown sitting on the ground after with his arm covered in blood. Him and his partner are also threatened with a saw in this scene. At certain moments in the film a character uses a phone to beat men on the head. This usually isn’t very violent, however. There are multiple scenes in the film where men are beaten. These scenes show men taking turns at punching men in the face and stomach, guys getting thrown against walls and beaten down, etc. and some of these scenes are more graphic than others. One has a woman screaming in horror as a man is beaten and then he is shown bloody afterwards, another shows a man being killed, in two scenes a woman is slapped and dragged on the floor. Several men and a woman are shot to death and killed with bloody bullet holes visible during over-the-top gunfire and destruction. In arguably one of the most graphic scenes in cinema history, a bloodied and beaten man with a swollen eye and face is thrown onto a table and has his head put into a vice. He then has the vice tightened until he starts to spit up blood. The vice tightens more and his eye pops out of his head in an extremely realistic, explicit and graphic manner. This is very blood and the sound effects do not help whatsoever. Afterwards his throat is slit after he begs to be killed. This scene is incredibly graphic. A woman is grabbed and shot in the head three times. Her head is then tilted so that the blood pours out of her mouth rather than the side of her head, which it does. The scene is realistic, as usual with this film. Numerous corpses are shown after they were shot and killed off camera. The first corpse is shown with a bullet hole lying in a large pool of blood, the second is a couple laying in large pools of blood as well with bloody wounds, another man’s petrified corpse is shown with blood coming from his mouth, a man’s bloody corpse is also shown in the trunk of a car. A man is shot multiple times spraying out blood. He is shown lying in a pool of his blood riddled with bullets. A man is shot eight times with a suppressed pistol, but absolutely no blood is shown. A man is heard being shot several times while running through his house. He walks out of the door of his house and stumbles around with bullet holes in his stomach seeping blood. He is dropped to his knees and shot in the head causing blood to splash out from his mouth. Two men are graphically shot in the head and executed. Blood sprays out and a bullet hole tears through the man’s head squirting blood. They both fall into a hole in the ground. They are both shot several more times in the home. A man is beaten in the face with a pipe and then has a bag thrown over his head. Blood starts to pour into the bag and he drowns in his own blood. Afterwards there is a brief shot (lasting .50 seconds) of him being axed in the forehead. Extremely graphic. A woman dies of an overdose. In another incredibly graphic and disgusting scene of violence, a man is beaten in the leg with a bat. His brother is then clubbed in the face multiple times with the metal bat and viscously beaten over and over and over again. He is then shown soaked in blood all over his body and his face being a blood soaked pulp. They continue to beat him when he appears dead, but his brother begs to finish him off as he is still breathing. He is stopped to his underwear and thrown into a hole in the ground. His brother is then clubbed in the head, his head is shown cracking open in close-up with blood squirting out. He is then viscously battered and beaten over and over with his head clearly cracked. He is then thrown into a hole in the ground alive and breathing, and he is buried alive. LANGUAGE: SEVERE There is constant, non-stop use of profanity in this film in nearly every single scene. There is 438 uses of fuck, 36 uses of shit, 1 use of cunt, 7 uses of cock including cocksucker, and uses of asshole, pick, bastard, hell, damn, goddamn and countless other profanities including racial slurs such as “k*ke”, “n*gger” and “sand n*gger”. Language is used so much in this film that it is numbing, and by the end you forget it’s even there (which isn’t good). There is a ton of cursing in this one. SEXUAL CONTENT: MILD There are three brief sexual scenes and none of them are graphic or strong and all last under five seconds. This includes two scenes where oral sex is depicted but mostly implied, showing nothing more than a woman lowering her head into a man’s crotch, the scene cuts immediately both times. There is also a brief sex scene with thrusting and gasping shot above the shoulders which lasts only a few seconds and cuts quickly. There is no nudity in these scenes. There is a brief shot of a woman undressing. She is shown fully nude from behind with her buttocks exposed but nothing else. This is very brief. Some dialogue relating to sex, nothing graphic though. The sexual content is tame, much like GoodFellas. DRUG CONTENT: MODERATE There is the occasional scene of drug use. The stronger scenes of drug use show use of cocaine where it is snorted in lines. This is shown a handful of times. There is smoking in almost every single scene in the film. There is also frequent drinking. OVERAL: 16+ for strong graphic brutal violence, pervasive strong language, some sexuality, and drug use

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking

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For all of its violence and tragedy, this is a beautiful, often exuberant movie. It has a relentless soundtrack of jazz and classic rock, and moments of humor and goodwill. Older teens and parents might enjoy this film; younger and more sensitive viewers will find it too upsetting.

CASINO is a film by legendary director Martin Scorsese, who is famous for the movies Taxi Driver and Scarface. Scorsese has an enduring interest in the lives and workings of underworld figures and their lives, blown up to epic proportions, and Casino is no exception. The rise and fall of Sam's Tangeirs casino is told in different narrative voices and vignettes so that the nearly three-hour long film never becomes dull. The tension between Nicky and Sam, the narrators, grows as their ways of running business become more and more different.

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