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Ambie Award-Nominated Podcasts for Kids and Families

Podcasts are a unique, accessible, and easily digestible form of entertainment that -- like movies, TV shows, books, and games -- deserve to be recognized when they excel. The Podcast Academy developed the Ambie Awards to do just that. The shows on this list have been nominated as outstanding for kids and families. Not only are these podcasts engaging for kids, they feature exceptional storytelling, audio quality, and expression that adults will love, too. Give these shows a round of applause by listening to them now, then come back to find more great podcasts to listen to as a family.

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Pinkalicious & Peterrific Podcast written in cursive with pink background and PBS kids sticker in the corner

Pinkalicious & Peterrific

age 3+

Fictional sister and brother are bubbly, positive, grateful.

Production company: PBS Kids , GBH Kids (Average run time: 15 minutes)
African Folktales poster

African Folktales with Miss Jo Jo

age 5+

Traditional African stories for young kids; strong values.

Production company: ABF Creative (Average run time: 7 minutes)
The Arthur Podcast, Arthur waving

The Arthur Podcast

age 5+

Entertaining pod with everyone's favorite aardvark.

Production company: PBS Kids , GBH Kids , Gen-Z Media (Average run time: 16 minutes)
Text reading "Brains On! Universe FOREVER AGO" sits above a bookcase with objects and books in it.

Forever Ago

age 5+

Quirky family-friendly pod with diverse history & fun facts.

Production company: APM Studios (Average run time: 30 minutes)
The Big Fib Poster

The Big Fib

age 7+

Kids guess the expert from the imposter in goofy gameshow.

Production company: Gen-Z Media , Wondery (Average run time: 18 minutes)
Million Bazillion Poster

Million Bazillion

age 7+

Answers to kids money questions, lacks financial diversity.

Production company: Marketplace , American Public Media (Average run time: 23 minutes)
Greeking Out Podcast Poster

Greeking Out

age 8+

Greek myths packed with action, humor, and lots of battles.

Production company: National Geographic Kids (Average run time: 24 minutes)
The Two Princes poster

The Two Princes

age 8+

Star-studded audio adventure centers LGBTQ+ community.

Production company: Gimlet Media (Average run time: 20 minutes)
Nice to Meet You Cover Image

Nice to Meet You

age 8+

Unlikely pairings teach empathy and understanding.

Production company: Gen-Z Media (Average run time: 15 minutes)
Smash Boom Best poster

Smash Boom Best

age 8+

Fun showdowns teach debate skills, history, science.

Production company: American Public Media (Average run time: 30 minutes)
A Kids Book About: The Podcast Poster

A Kids Book About: The Podcast

age 8+

Important relevant topics tackled, some difficult content.

Production company: A Kids Company About (Average run time: 18 minutes)
Proud Stutter: image of smiling woman

Proud Stutter

age 9+

Inclusive pod changes how we think about stuttering.

Production company: Independent (Average run time: 30 minutes)
Colorful background with Music Blocks written across it

Music Blocks

age 10+

Bite-sized episodes explore how music conveys emotions.

Production company: Colorado Public Radio (Average run time: 5 minutes)
Tai Asks Why poster

Tai Asks Why

age 10+

Curious teen tackles big questions in info-packed podcast.

Production company: CBC Podcasts (Average run time: 24 minutes)
Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Logo

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

age 12+

Entertaining podcast combines humor, trivia, and news.

Production company: NPR (Average run time: 49 minutes)
Song Exploder podcast logo. Colorful squares form the letter E.

Song Exploder

age 14+

Fascinating behind-the-music pod; some mature content.

Production company: Radiotopia , PRX (Average run time: 15 minutes)