Dropbox App Poster Image

Dropbox is a tool for storing, organizing, and sharing information, which then can be accessed from multiple devices. Once you start using it, you can't imagine living without it. Teens can save projects or papers and work on them at home, at school, or otherwise remotely.

Evernote App Poster Image

This widely used productivity tool works across multiple platforms to facilitate access to lists, notes, images, sound, and links -- almost anything! -- from multiple devices. It can help kids improve their own technological savvy and learn to better organize their digital lives.

Finding Home - A Refugee's Journey App Poster Image

Step into the shoes of a refugee in this moving simulation. Because a user's phone mimics the refugee's device, the experiences feel very real and can help a teen empathize with others.

Grim Fandango Remastered App Poster Image

Manny Calavera helps souls on their journey to the afterlife. Then he falls in love and discovers a conspiracy against him. An update, though direct port, of the top-notch classic adventure game with high-resolution graphics and new music.

Lily - Playful Music Creation App Poster Image

Make pleasing, harmonious music with pretty flowers. Play with the options, and create interesting melodies as the flower petals bring your music to life.


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Common Sense Tips

  • Help teens build the foundation they need to pursue their interests, stay in touch with friends, play games, be creative -- and, hopefully, get some work done with productivity tools.
  • As teens interact more on the Internet, it's important that they understand the rules for responsible, respectful communication.